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Amrutam- Your Answer to Organic Health and Beauty Goodness

Amrutam- Your Answer to Organic Health and Beauty Goodness

It’s no surprise that I am the self-proclaimed skincare expert of my team at Weddingz.in. In fact, if I had a penny for every time I was asked for my unsolicited advice, I’d be a millionaire by now! Okay jokes apart, ladies good health and good skin is of utmost importance. After all, they go hand-in-hand. Being born in a country like India is a blessing that is often overlooked by many. Indian scholars have bestowed the knowledge of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and secrets of natural home remedies upon us. So why are we running behind western methods, ignoring our own tried and tested methods? You don’t have to take a lot of effort or invest your time in it- you just need to know the right products to you. One such brand that delivers genuine ayurvedic products is Amrutam. I loooooove it and have been using their products for a year now. Can’t sing enough praises about them!


Okay, sorry, let me tell you something about them first. Amrutam is a wellness brand of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of Ayurveda and nature. They believe in the endless potential of natural and herbal remedies and their benefits to bring about revolutionary lifestyle changes. Amrutam strongly endorses the idea “Health is Beauty” which means if you are healthy, you are beautiful. All their products have therapeutic properties. They work on the root cause of the problem and cures the life-long impact of modern habits aka lifestyle (uncertain eating time, erratic sleeping hours and excessive use of synthetics). They are bridging the gap between authentic Ayurvedic principles and modern lifestyle by making it more accessible to the world. Let me take you through a tour of some of my favourite Amrutam products-


1. Herbal Ubtan



Every Indian child has applied ubtan once in their lifetime (forcefully if not willingly!). Amrutam’s Herbal Ubtan is a vedic recipe for protection, nourishing and beautification of the skin. It fights skin infections, cleanses and tones the skin, improves complexion, works as an astringent, aids in exfoliation, reduces facial hair, protects from acne and freckles. Woah, looks like this ubtan can fight many ailments at once!


2. Kuntal Care Basket : Healthy, Natural & Dynamic Hair





Their Kuntal hair-care range is my absolute favourite. The Hair Spa is a magic elixir! The malt and hair oil are just as good.

They revitalize your scalp and help in strengthening hair roots. They aim at reducing hair loss significantly, helping hair regrowth and keeping your hair healthy.


3. Bhringraj Hair Therapy



Amrutam’s Bhringraj Hair Therapy is a two-in-one Ayurvedic shampoo & conditioner. Made of ingredients like reetha, vibhitaki along with bhringraj, this hair therapy is worth giving a try. It made a lot of difference to my hair after the first wash itself!


4. Face Clean Up



Say buh-bye to the parlours for Amrutam’s Face Clean Up is here to replace those facials. The Face Clean Up extracts dirt from your skin and deep cleanses the pores. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help in acne prevention and dark spots. I use this twice a week and my skin has never been better!


5. Travel Pack



Amrutam’s personal care travel pack is your go-to option whenever you are traveling. Destination brides, do you  hear me? Just assemble 30ml bottles of Hair Spa, Face Clean Up and Ashtagandha Body Lotion in your pouch and you’re all set. You can even place a bulk order for gifting purposes! 


So ladies, pamper and soak yourself in Amrutam’s ayurvedic goodness. I know I sound like a fangirl, but that is just ‘cause I am one!


Go get your hands on an Amrutam Health Basket now!

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