Attention – Every Size Matters!

Attention – Every Size Matters!

Sometimes words like ‘body positivity’ look hollow to me. The fashion industry has always loved to play around with these words. On one hand, you see plus-size, dusky, skinny, fair women walking side by side on the ramp, while on the other hand, you see women tearing down each other with their negativity. The last few days are an echo of the highly prevalent problems in the industry.


Only last week my WhatsApp was rife with forwards, each criticizing a certain designer duo acclaimed designer Falguni Shane Peacock. So, I prepared myself to come across something similar to Sabya’s two cents about overly-dressed women who are bleeding (he did explain himself). Instead, I was greeted by an ignorant comment and instantly I could fathom people’s rage. What was it, you ask? You see in an interview with the Good Times, Ms Falguni of Falguni Shane Peacock was asked about the advice she would give plus size brides. First of all, I have no clue why the host felt it was absolutely necessary to ask for Falguni’s expert opinion. I am sure plus size women can do well without it. Anyway, Falguni said and I quote, “I would just say, obviously I wouldn’t blatantly tell her to lose weight. I would just say- you have enough time. Work on yourself. I think it is pretty easy to lose some inches.”  When further prodded about the same she said, “Long blouses, more flared lehengas and not fitted because fitted won’t really work when you’re a little big. No deep-necks for them, maybe higher.


I have so many problems with her statements! Allow me to discuss a few. An acclaimed designer who, like it or not is an influencer of sorts, makes hurtful remarks about plus size women. In other words, she was fat-shaming. Fat-shaming in India is so evident but is subtly swept under the carpet. But thanks to social media and education, people now use their voice for the right thing. People are coming to terms and accepting the fact that human beings come in all shapes and sizes. And, being on the heavier side, doesn’t mean they aren’t fit or they ‘should’ lose weight. It is about being comfortable in one’s own skin. A few years ago, her comments would be taken seriously. I am glad she was condemned for the same by many.


You can influence thousands of girls who look up to you for inspiration. As a woman struggling with body image, I expect you to be nothing but considerate. Everyday women, men, transgenders fight a battle with themselves about the reflection they see in the mirror. Use the power of your position to lift people up and inspire them to accept themselves.


Image source: Sabyasachi Mukherjee


And while Sabyasachi Mukerjee did make a dumb comment on women being overdressed, I thank him for defying the parameters of what is “acceptable” and using dusky, plus size women to flaunt your clothes. Falguni Shane Peacock, your apology was genuine and sincere. Thank you for accepting you were wrong. People everywhere, remember that no-one but you matter. It doesn’t matter which shape, size, colour you belong to. You are beautiful! You are allowed to throw your drink in anyone’s face who doesn’t agree. It will wake them up!


That’s all folks! Tune in next week for another episode of Neh’s Outbursts on India’s deep-rooted fixation with fair skin!

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