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Boudoir Photoshoot – What is this new trend & why you need to get this done!

Boudoir Photoshoot – What is this new trend & why you need to get this done!

What runs through your mind when you hear the words ‘boudoir photoshoot’? I was busy figuring out how to pronounce the first time I came across it. Until I saw the pictures..woah! Gather around children, for I am here to tell you a little something about boudoir. Boudoir shoot is basically an incredibly sexy, intimate and romantic photoshoot within the confines of a bedroom or any private place of your choice. Brides over the world are approaching photographers for such shoots to gift it to their grooms. Hop along the rage train, won’t you? Below is some gyaan for both brides and grooms who wish to conduct a boudoir photoshoot.


Vishesh Tipni #1


Should you be embarrassed? Absolutely not! Whether you decide to go solo or as a couple, there is no space for embarrassment. You are doing this for yourself, for your partner. But make sure you are absolutely comfortable before you step into “dirty waters” Boudoir photoshoot will increase the intimacy between you and your partner and also give you a boost of confidence!



Vishesh Tipni #2


Make sure the photographer you select knows how to conduct a boudoir well in advance. An experienced one is always a better option. Go for someone who makes you comfortable and also respects both you and your  choice. It’s a fairly new concept in India but photographers abroad have already caught up with this trend.



Vishesh Tipni #3


Usually a boudoir photoshoot is done in a bedroom..but why stop yourself there? Explore my child, explore! Kitchen, swimming pool, study, wherever you want! The fact that you’ll look hot won’t change just the backdrop and props would! The kitchen island or the dining table would be more kinky than the bed..don’t you think?



Vishesh Tipni #4


Don’t worry you don’t have to be completely nude. But you can if you wish to! Remember, less is more. The sexiest pair of lingerie with high heels or just a fur throw.. Wear your fiance’s shirt. Drop dead gorgeous.

The idea is to make it hot but to keep it within your parameters.



Vishesh Tipni #5


Whatever you do, don’t forget to be yourself! Ditch the makeup (especially the red lipstick and the fake lashes) and stick to soft or pastel hues. Maintain cute and goofy expression in a few pictures cause let’s face it, nothing is sexier than being yourself!



Are you satisfied with my unsolicited advices? You can send brownies and wine as a thank you!

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