Brides, Borrow These 5 Items From Your Mother’s Closet!

Brides, Borrow These 5 Items From Your Mother’s Closet!

Dressed up in her ‘Solah Shringar’, the bride looks her absolute best on her wedding day. Adorning heirloom jewels and basking in the bridal glow, the Indian bride can definitely make heads turn around.


Having your mother by your side on your wedding day is truly special. She is there to guide you as you start a new chapter in your life. Here are some things that you can borrow from your mother’s closet to make the day even more memorable: 




Image Source: Romesh Dhamija


Kangans (bangles) are pieces of jewellery that a mother passes on to her daughter or daughter-in-law. It adds a greater appeal to the bridal attire and definitely increases the sentimental value.


Sindoor Dani


Image Source: Shital Odedra Photography


It is an incredibly sweet gesture for you to use your mother’s sindoor dani for the wedding day. In some families, it is a generations-old tradition for the same sindoor dani to pass from mother to daughter.


Bridal Dupatta


Image Source: Jatin Kampani


You as the bride can always make use of certain elements from your mother’s bridal ensemble. For example, your mother’s embellished bridal dupatta. Isha Ambani paired her mother’s saree (panetar) as a dupatta with her Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla bridal lehenga.




Image Source: Candid Framez


This one is for your pretty feet! Silver (and jewelled) payals are generally worn by the bride on her wedding day. You are bound to find some rustic-looking and beautiful payals in your mum’s jewellery collection.


Jewellery Box


Image Source: Etsy


If not a piece of jewellery, how about the jewellery chest? It is a great item to take along while starting out a new chapter in your life. You can always return the treasure chest if and when you invest in one of  your own.

Which item are you most inclined to take from your mother’s closet?

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