Brides who ditched traditional chudas and adorned some fresh & unconventional ones!

Brides who ditched traditional chudas and adorned some fresh & unconventional ones!


When we say ‘chuda’, what is the first thing that pops up in your head? Red or maroon bangles paired with white ones, right? But what if your lehenga isn’t anything close to maroon or red? What if you want to adorn a different chuda? Can you?

The answer is YES!

You don’t have to sweat over teaming your lehenga with your chuda colour just because you ‘have to’ or simply bear with the chuda even if it isn’t your favourite colour.


Here is a list of brides who broke the stereotype of wearing the traditional chuda and experimented with fresh looking ones:


1. Baby pink and ivory

Image source: fotografia9_india


This bride has paired up her blue lehenga with a cute baby pink chuda with a couple of ivory bangles to break the monotony. The contrasting colours of the outfit and the chuda, is making it stand out even more.


2. Gold and maroon

Image source: gautamkhullarphotography


This combination looks simple & perfect. The gold lines on the maroon bangles are adding the traditional touch to it, making it look authentic and royal.


3. White and orange

Image source: choodalovers


White with orange bangles match with the lehenga perfectly. The shade really stands out. Although it isn’t a contrast, it suits the bride.


4.Light Pink

Image source:  choodalovers


Here the bride has matched her light pink lehenga with her chuda. It is fresh, young and chic.


5. Orange and gold

Image source: olens.india


Maroon lehenga paired up with orange and gold bangles. The chuda even though not a shade of red or maroon, is traditional looking and goes well with rest of the jewellery.


6. Pink and gold

Image source: theweddingshooters


This is no where next to your traditional chuda. The shimmery gold and pink looks vivacious and spunky, lifting the entire look.


7. Rust and gold

Image source: hitchedandclicked


Delicate and dainty, this combination of rust and gold adds a sort of charm to the entire look of this bride, apart from just matching with the lehenga.


8. Light blue, white and maroon

Image source: thecheesecakeproject


There is a lot going on in this chuda, three different colours, a bit of mirror work on the kadas and a shimmer on the bangles. These colours compliment each other very well and the chuda all-in- all looks fabulous.


If you haven’t zeroed-in on your chuda colour yet, this is your chance!

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