Cuteness Overload 8 Candid Shots of Kids at Weddings

Cuteness Overload 8 Candid Shots of Kids at Weddings

My first reaction when I see kids is “I want to eat this fluff ball!” No, I am not a cannibal but these cuties are irresistible! Okay yeah, I know kids can be annoying sometimes but tell me, how can you turn away from these adorable gremlins? Yes, they are gremlins after all! Luckily for me, photographers always capture these little humans at the perfect time. Presenting to you, 8 children at weddings who stole my heart and will do the same with you!


1. Oh. My. God. Look at this rasagulla!


Image source: Maha’s Photography


2. The warning and the grin say it all!


Image source: North Water Star


3. These two cherubs have my heart!


Image source: Divishth Kakkar Photography


4. This kiddo definitely enjoyed smearing some haldi


Image source: Naman Verma


5. The perfect bridesmaids a bride could ask for!


Image source: Sunny Dhiman Photography


6. Twinning with the Bride!


Image source: Pixel Story


7. Goals- to be this carefree and happy in life as this kid


Image source: Burn Pixels


8. Small baby boo is trying to apply haldi on the bride


Image source: Beginnings for You


Is it just me or do you feel your ovaries somersaulting as well?

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