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13 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Actually Your Best Friend

13 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Actually Your Best Friend


  1. I want to start with the obvious, chocolate is DELICIOUS! And everyone needs that in their life.

  2. Chocolate is an anti-depressant; with the stress of general existence, and everything else that is going one, everyone needs a pick-me-up at some point. For this, it’s perfect! Chocolate contains chemicals which trigger a release of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins in the body. Chocolate literally makes you happier.

  3. Everyone wants that perfect bod but everyone also loves the sweet stuff. If you opt for dark chocolate, you can have all the goodness, without all the sugar.

  4. Chocolate is always going to be there for you. Everyone has their own things going on, no matter how much support your friends and family are giving you, at some point they are going to be busy. But chocolate won’t be, chocolate can always be your best friend.

  5. Speaking of which, you can buy it EVERYWHERE! You will never be out, looking for some relaxation and not be able to find chocolate.

  6. Did you know dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure? We’ve already mentioned that you might be starting to feel stressed, why not let your snacks work for you and bring that blood pressure down. Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate can be effective in lowering blood pressure

  7. Chocolate makes you eat less? Recent studies have shown that eating milk or dark chocolate before a meal can reduce the amount of calories you choose to consume by up to 18 percent! Not only that, it can be an effective snack to fight off food cravings.

  8. Chocolate makes your skin glow. Remember when I said chocolate lowers blood pressure? It does more than that. By modulating healthy blood flow, chocolate can give you a healthier, glowing complexion.

  9. It contains high levels of minerals. Containing high levels of minerals like zinc and iron, chocolate in moderation (especially if you choose dark) can be a healthier snack option.

  10. Anti-Aging. Cacao, a main ingredient in chocolate, has been shown to have anti-aging effects when eaten!

  11. It gives you energy! Chocolate contains ingredients that act in a similar way to caffeine, giving energy to your body, without the jitters some get when drinking coffee.

  12. Can chocolate make you smarter? A British study has shown after eating chocolate, both men and woman showed improvements on a number of challenges designed to test brain function

  13. Lastly, because with everything being so frantic in our lives with planning, friends, family, and a 100 different things.. Why not have something constant. Something that is healthy, something that is always there, and is always available, wherever you are. Chocolate is your best friend because it does everything we need it to!


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