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Decoding Your Inner Bridezilla as per Your Zodiac Sign

Decoding Your Inner Bridezilla as per Your Zodiac Sign


Imagine this – it is your big day and instead of taking a deep breath, staying calm and being around the people you love, you, the bride-to-be are barking instructions left-right-centre! And god help everyone who crosses your path on this day! Sounds familiar? 


Well, my friend here’s a quick reality check – you are a bridezilla! 


 Yikes, the very mention of the term bridezilla is enough to send one and all running to the hills! And why not? The definition of the ‘b’ word describes this certain person ( in this case – you) as someone who is manic obsessive when it comes to planning her wedding or someone who is demanding and intolerably so.


 And often people attribute this ‘bridezilla-esque’ behaviour to an individual’s zodiac sign. Well, they are not entirely wrong but then I’d say that every zodiac sign under the sun has a side that spells ‘bridezilla’! Surprised? Don’t be! Let’s see how you, Ms Bridezilla, bridezillas as your sun sign.




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Sigh… as an Arian, you don’t care what other people think. No one’s opinions or suggestions matter. So, all the people around you, trying to reason with you, simply dissolve in white noise. You know you are going to run the show, give out the orders and ensure every vendor is going to do exactly how you want things to be. 




Image source: Eros


Your version of the bridezilla is more like Salman bhai’s “Ek baar jo maine commitment ka di, uske baad tho main khud ki bhi nahin sunta,” and this commitment is to yourself! Every decision to be taken has to be made by you and however, impractical these may be, no one and I mean, no one can get you to change your mind. 




Image source: Giphy


The eternal social butterfly, you want it all, setting really high expectations. Hence, to cut the long story short, if things don’t materialise exactly how you envisioned them, god help everyone. Also, please note, you are highly indecisive and fickle-minded, and so even you are not sure what you really want! 




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Now you are a bridezilla who is forever ready with her waterworks! Plus, you want to take everyone’s opinion into consideration and hope that everyone is on board with you. Naturally, these are impossible standards that lead to a lot of tears and stress. 




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Good god, you need to wear a sign that screams – nothing less than perfection will be accepted! And if things are not perfect, this lioness will bite off heads.




Image Source: Tenor


You are Monica Geller of the astrology signs! You may have dreamt about your wedding aeons ago and must have everything exactly as noted down in your scrapbook! And god forbid if someone tries to improvise… 😐




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As a Libra, you really love being around people and are super accommodating too. But hell can instantly freeze over if someone happens to wear something that is better than your outfit!  




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Maybe you should have a tissue box handy as you are going to make people cry and no, this is not at your bidai but thanks your blunt tongue! There will be no love lost, especially for you, when someone goofs up something (or anything) at your wedding.  




Image source: Dev.to


Sigh, you are going to be one tired bride and how! As a self-confessed independent woman, you will want to do take charge of everything. And I won’t be surprised if you would be barking orders from your mandap! 




Image source: 10Daily


Uff, you must send out a notice along with your wedding invite which says that those attending must do exactly as you say or else not RSVP at all! At no point in time during the wedding should anyone dare to disrupt your plan.




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As a spendthrift and a connoisseur for everything silly, you are one bride who wants it all and doesn’t mind going bankrupt for your whims and fancies!  




Image source: Giphy


Ha, it’s you – the bride with the excel sheet! Your obsessive personality will not spare any detail when it comes to planning your wedding. And it’s the only thing you will ever think of until (hopefully) your d-day!


Ladies, I have spelt it all out. Take notes and try not to be a scary bridezilla… please? 

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