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Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind while planning a wedding ceremony at home!

Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind while planning a wedding ceremony at home!

Having one or two of your wedding ceremonies at your home can be quite an exciting experience! Not only does it attach a sentimental value to the entire ceremony, it also gives it a private and intimate vibe. Not to forget the fact that you have more control over the happenings, if they are taking place at your own abode!


But while I am talking about the rosy picture, I won’t sugarcoat the underlying problems that come along with having a ceremony at home. Even though they may not be so glaring and in our face, if not planned well, you could encounter a few difficulties during the ceremony. Reason being, I thought it would be best if I could sum up the entire planning process for you in an orderly manner, to save you the hassles (and the embarrassment?)


Go through this list of the do’s and don’ts and make sure your ceremony is a success:


1. Guest-list



When you say come one come all, you better make sure you don’t own anything less than a mansion. Because, just in case you do it’s important that you keep your guest list realistic. You don’t want to stuff more people than your house can accommodate, do you?


2. Not too many events



Having events at your home can be quite tiresome and exhausting experience. From catering to lighting and from decor to cleaning, although you will have a separate team of vendors handling everything, you still will have to oversee everything and be at the helm of affairs.


3. Keen recce



Whether it is something as basic as space or something as unmissable as a plugpoint’s positioning in your house, make sure that your vendors complete a thorough recce well before the ceremony.


4. Don’t overdo it



Don’t try to control everything single-handedly, this thumb rule should be ingrained in your head. Also, don’t do a whole lot of DIY things and go overboard with the ceremony on the whole. You don’t want to be pulling your hair at the end of the event instead of having a fun time!


5. Make sure there is parking space



If you are inviting people for a ceremony at home, you must ensure whether or not you have enough parking space around your home. This will cut down on it becoming a tedious task for your guests during the ceremony.


6. Cut down on unnecessary crowd



By this, I don’t mean slash your guest-list. Just make sure your vendors don’t occupy half the space. For example if you have 7-8 people working on the lighting arrangement, cut it down to 2-3 at least before the event begins.


7. Allocate spaces wisely



Make sure there is not much mixing between the space allocated to your vendors and space left for your guests. This will ensure your vendors can carry out their work without any interference, while your guests have a peaceful evening (or afternoon?)!


Now that you have some super helpful tips (hopefully), you can get onto the planning process!

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