Drone Photography – Your Wedding Photographer Needs To Click These!

Drone Photography – Your Wedding Photographer Needs To Click These!

What is drone photography?

Drone photography is the capture of still images and video by a remotely-operated, unmanned aerial vehicle, also known as an unmanned aircraft system or more commonly, a drone.

In other words, drone photography is clicking pictures with a flying camera that is up in the air, handled by a remote control.

Yeah, so basically it is getting aerial shots from reeaaallly high vantage points to get a larger (read cooler) view of the object/person that is being photographed. They can give you a 360 view of everything in the frame. How awesome is that?


Why should you ask your photographer to click them?

Well, why not?! A complete, 360 view of you and your wedding? Hell, I’d like some for myself, but I’m not getting married soon and a random drone shoot would be an awful waste of money.

But since you’re probably reading this because you’re getting married – your wedding photographer most likely uses drones already (almost every good photographer is equipped with them) so you could specifically let them know that you’d like a few good drone photographs. It’s a whole new way to document the memory of your wedding.


They’re used widely in pre-wedding shoots as well. And actually they work better for pre-wedding shoots! The aerial shots, the larger-than-life view.. love how they capture you, your fiancé and all the scenic surroundings as well.

Check out how brilliant these drone photography pre-wedding photos are:

So guys, would you use drone photography at your wedding? If you do, send us your picture and we’ll be happy to post it! <3


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