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Exciting ways to match your makeup to your lehenga

Exciting ways to match your makeup to your lehenga

Don’t we love criticising brides for their horrific makeup, secretly? Sometimes, it is fun to point out mistakes and figure out if someone else’s makeup is too loud or too dull. But what if you are the bride? It’s your day and all the eyes are on you? Isn’t it a bit intimidating? What if you screw up, big time?

It is crucial to focus on the minutest details and make sure that everything from the beginning till the end is carefully planned and executed. You cannot afford to ignore some of the most important details—like a simple saree pin, wrong shade of lipstick or foundation, which can completely ruin your whole look for the day. Just don’t go with the makeup artist’s recommendation because you feel he knows everything about makeup and will make the right choices. They might be the best in their job but you know your skin type better.


Get makeup that’s long lasting

Get makeup that’s long lasting

Photo By: Camera Crew

You sure don’t want makeup which melts in front of the havan kund. This is one the reasons why choosing the right makeup, specially a long lasting one, is extremely essential. The right shade of lipstick that lasts even after your meal is something you should opt for. Don’t go for very glossy makeup options, which don’t highlight your features. Start with a layer of a matte finish lipstick and then apply the gloss to add a bit of shine.



Opt for colours that compliment your bridal outfit

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Many brides live in this delusion that it is vital to match the makeup to the wedding outfit. Instead, it is best to compliment your makeup with your wedding attire. So, if your lehenga is a combination of maroon, black and gold, then it does not imply that your makeup should consist of the same trio of colours. You don’t want to look like a rainbow by applying the same lip colour or eyeshadow to exactly match your wedding attire.


For your wedding makeup, go for a brighter shade

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Image Source – Cupcake Productions

So, this is more about your wedding photographs and it is better to go for a tone brighter than what you usually wear. When it comes to photographs, nude shades or pastel shades don’t accentuate your look. That’s probably because of the whole lighting done for the wedding. Go for a colour that makes your face look lively and look picture perfect!

Let the eyes do the talking

Let the eyes do the talking

Photo By: Wedding Shades

Perfecting your eye makeup is always going to be a safe bet. Choosing a colour from the outfit or a variation of that colour is a great choice. If you get the right eye makeup done, then you are set for the rest of the evening as it will never let you down.

Long-lasting lip colour

Photo By: Navdeep Soni

Picking a matte finish lipstick is always a preferable choice for your wedding day. You can always gloss it up if you want to add that bit of shine to your lips. It is no secret that matte finish lipsticks have the highest level of pigmentation, which makes it long lasting and perfect for long wedding ceremonies. Never opt for tricky lip colours. It is good to experiment but your wedding day isn’t an ideal time to experiment with your makeup, especially your lipstick.

Red is forever

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Image Source – The Wedding Story


Well, we need to accept that red is an eternal lip colour and one shade of red works on any woman. Red is considered to be a bold colour, but if used the correct way, it makes your lehenga makeup look ethereal. There’s something about the colour that makes it too traditional and alluring.

Be unique, bring in something new or mix and match

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Image Source – The Wedding Salad

Sometimes, the colour of your lehenga doesn’t match any particular shade. If you’re confident enough and know your skin tone really well, then you could introduce a new colour to your makeup palette. Other times, a particular skin tone of a bride may not fall into a particular category, so you can always mix and match. Ask your makeup artist to mix two colours to discover a whole new colour, which suits your skin type.



Be unique, bring in something new or mix and match

Photo By: Phototantra

So, ‘select wisely and look gorgeous’ is the mantra for your wedding day. Rest assured, your bridal look cannot go wrong. Along with the right makeup, the radiance on your face and sparkle in your eyes will set the tone for your wedding day.

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