Expectations Vs Reality of the 'First Night' aka Suhaag Raat - Real brides answer!

Expectations Vs Reality of the 'First Night' aka Suhaag Raat - Real brides answer!

After your shaadi saga is over, the much awaited and anticipated ‘suhaag raat’ or the first night will storm your way. I am sure you and your partner will expect a night full of adventures, but I am here to pop your bubble. After talking to a few of our real brides, I realised that there are huge gaps between the expectations vs reality of ‘the night’! Check it out -


  1. The Decorated Room


Expectations: You’ll dream of entering a room full of first night favours. The bed shall  have rose petals strewn across it, the bed poster will have garlands and of course the room will be full of scented candles.

Reality: You’ve just entered your new husband’s messy room that has been sprayed with some room freshener to suppress the sweaty odour. Enjoy!



2. Rituals


Expectations: Thanks to Bollywood movies we all think that the groom must be given a glass of milk by the bride in order to improve his energy. For unknown and baffling reasons people find this arousing.

Reality: Nah, nothing of that sort happens. Milk will not improve him or give him a boost. Although you can try chocolates. They’re an aphrodisiac.



3. Nice Men Finish Last?


Expectations: Are you pumped for the night ahead? Are you ready to take the plunge into the deep waters of pleasure? Yeaaah! Are you going to be up all night? HELL YEAAH!

Reality: No. Nothing of that sort happens. You’ll be so tired that even your jaw will pain after smiling all day long. You’re going to change into your pyjamas and kill anyone who touches you. And then you’re going to snore away to bliss! So will your husband!



4. Undressing


Expectation: You think the undressing will be done in a jiffy. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Reality: You’ll take 127 hours to undress without help. And 34902 hours with your husband’s help cause let’s face it: they’re clueless.



5. Best Sex Ever


Expectation: Whether it’s your first time or hundreth, you’ll think this is going to be the best sex you’ve ever had.

Reality: There is a very good chance that you won’t even have sex that day. Your bones will wear you out and you’ll prefer to doze off. Even if you do, it won’t be the beeeesst. Wait for your honeymoon, babe!



6. No Awkward Situations


Expectations: The next day will pass brezily with no one behaving like a teenager.

Reality: You wish! The extended family will stay there for a few days and you’ll receive sly smiles and glances in your direction. It will put you in an awkward soup. Eep!



Relax! Tuck in your pyjamas and just snuggle with your bae. That’s all you need (maybe some chocolates too!)

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