Financial Awesomeness 101 for Millennial Couples

Financial Awesomeness 101 for Millennial Couples

You’re about to get married. You’ve arrived at looking for tailor made, cost effective options for planning your wedding. Or you’re already married but missing all the planning fun and have arrived here, again! Aww, that’s cute though. If the answer is yes and yes, you must continue reading.
This is a blog about important matters.

Money matters.

You’re thinking:  Income 1 + income 2 = more money = more spending = more things = more happiness
He’s thinking: Wish I could just pawn my 24-carat gold chain (a piece of man jewellery only Bappi Da can carry off with panache) for, I don’t know, a bottle of Glen and drown my financial sorrows in it?
She’s thinking: Wish I could sell my Anamika Khanna wedding lehenga and buy myself a closet. Where do I keep all of this??  *Sob*

Wait. You’re both thinking: Why did we need a humidifier, a hair dryer, a gargantuan speaker with surround sound (in a700 SQF apartment), potpourri, a roti maker (especially when we’re asking the bai to make the rotis)?  Potpourri, really?

What you really needed was a car. (Nah. Beer!)

Money matters.

There are some easy hacks to wedded bliss. Yes, this is a blog on financial smarts but the two are deeply connected.

#1 Avoid money chik chik
#2 Avoid money chik chik
#3 You guessed this one, didn’t ya?
No ya didn’t!  Learn about money, savings, investments and ultimately nirvana. And, do it together.

Ok, seriously now. These five are super important:

#1 Spend on important things, not everything (no, a massage chair is not important when you are 25)
#2 Save (not the 2 buck change you get back from the auto guy that goes into the glass jar). More. 10-20 percent of your income is a good place to start.
#3 Live as debt free as possible (yes, we are thinking shredders and credit cards, on big purchases pay off as much as possible and go for a smaller EMI if you can.)
#4 Always have cash (important for times when you must flee your home because of a zombie epidemic or a locust attack, or in-laws. Or Modiji’s next ban.)
#5 Invest (you get the buzzer if you’re thinking a trading account, buying a lottery ticket or enrolling in chit fund) in a safe plan where your money grows. Something like the plans
Kuvera offers.

Now let’s go back to the car and some math.

The cost of the car you like = Rs 20 lakh
How much can you invest today (from your savings) = Rs 1 lakh
When do you want to buy this (with your savings without a loan) = 5 years
Monthly Investments you need to make = Rs 30k

Now apply this very simple math when planning for any big spends. A house, an island or your baby’s Ivy League education.

Now let’s go back to the car and some math.

Login to Kuvera and you can do all of you planning online and start investing in minutes. It’s really that simple!
Remember, if you want to, you can afford anything! (You see, there will be money left after the wedding if you plan with
No, no, not the Ferrari. I take that back. Sorry.


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