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Five Interesting Breads to Savour this Wedding Season

Bread is an integral part of Indian cuisine and certainly Indian wedding cuisine. They occupy a prime spot in the menu as favourite accompaniments to relish the extensive delicious gourmet palette. As a land of rich cultures and hence cuisines, it’s time you make the most of this gift and pep up that shaadi ka khaana khazaana! After all, there’s no harm in embracing some refreshing regional delights and giving the usual suspects a break. Moreso, with intimate micro weddings being the fad and need of the hour, you can treat those select few loved ones to a thoroughly sumptuous and splendid meal with these easy-to-prepare additions.

Here are five flavourful breads for you to add to that much sought-after menu. We hope you have a delicious time reading 🙂 

1. Sheermal

Sheermal travelled to India from Iran, which is its birthplace as a result of the Persianate Mughal rule in Northern India. Today, it is an inseparable part of the Awadhi and Nizami zaika (flavour) culture. This leavened bread is prepared with warm milk and sugar and flavoured with saffron and cardamom. Leaving a sweet aftertaste, Sheermal can serve as a refreshing addition to your wedding menu!

Image Source Heaven Served on Plate

Image Source Sharandom

2. Pathiri

A favourite among the locals of Malabar, pathiri is a thin pancake-like bread made of rice and coconut milk. Though a number of versions and variations are prepared today in South India, nothing beats the authentic traditional pathiri which is heartily relished with a simmering bowl of gravy! This easy-to-prepare roti is indeed ideal for a memorable wedding feast.

Image Source Firstcry Parenting

Image Source Yummy Recipes

3. Litti

A nutritious culinary gift from Bihar, litti is a baked round bread that enjoys a cultural significance in parts of North India. A healthy product obtained by mixing whole wheat flour, herbs and spices, litti is traditionally enjoyed with chokha (gravy made with brinjals and potatoes) However pair this with any well-prepared gravy and treat your taste-buds to pure magic! The beauty of litti lies in its dry sattu stuffing that renders this bread thoroughly delicious and healthy.

Image Recipe Second Recipe

Image Source TOI Recipes


There’s paratha and then there’s parotta! This layered flatbread is a hit in terms of its rich taste and texture. Made by kneading flour, eggs, ghee and water, the dough is beaten into thin layers to give it the spiralled look. Parotta’s can be relished with a rich gravy and soak in the flavours to elevate your culinary experience! Let this sure-shot delight, light up your nuptial menu.  

Image Source Whisk Affair

Image Source Honest Cooking

5. Luchi

A variation of the puri, luchi is a traditional Bengali deep fried puffed bread. Unlike puris which are prepared from whole wheat flour, luchis are made from mixing refined flour and ghee and mildly fried to obtain a nice wheatish colour. This fluffy indulgence is all you need to savour those spicy sabzis on d-day!  

Image Source Whisk Affair

Image Source Visitrealindia

Leaving you on a tasteful note we hope you get that wedding menu cracking with these delightful suggestions!

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