Hacks to keep yourself warm at your winter wedding!

Hacks to keep yourself warm at your winter wedding!


In India a lot of weddings take place in the months of November-January. Barring Bombay, it is really cold during those months! All the hopes of wearing a backless blouse goes down the drain (unless you want to sneeze and snort the entire duration of your wedding.)

We gathered some tips and tricks so that winter brides don’t die of a frostbite!


  1. Rum rum rum rum rum oh Whiskey!


Ask your BFF to sneak in some whiskey so that you can sip on it between intervals. You can trust on some good ol’ whiskey to keep you warm!


Image source: Glitterati by Karishma Arora


2. Sneakers over Sandals


You may fancy wearing heels but a better option would be to wear sneakers. You can wear warm fuzzy socks underneath! Keep yourself from getting some cold feet (pun intended!)


Image source: Seventy by Two


3. Leg Warmers all the way!


Leg warmers underneath your lehenga is great way to keep yourself warm!


Image source: Jodi Clickers


4. Full Sleeve Blouse


Full sleeves blouse are back in fashion so why not opt one for your winter wedding?


Image source: The Photo Diary


5. Kadha


My friend once suggested a warm concoction for my cold and sore throat. It kept me warm throughout the day! Grate some ginger in boiling water. Strain it, add some haldi and honey to it. Drink up! You can drink it several times during the day.



6. Velvet


Wear a velvet lehenga on your wedding. The material will keep you warm.


Image source: The 90’s Studio


7. Double Dupatta


As you can’t layer yourself in jackets (it isn’t a cardinal rule) you can always wear two dupattas. Adding up the layers!


Image source: The Royal Affair


8. Long Jackets


Wear long sharara jackets and say no to cold!


Image source: Jodi Clickers


9. Drape a Shawl


Drape a shawl over yourself in a classy style not dadi amma style!


Image source: Errikos Andreou


10. Stuff Yourself


Just cause you’re the bride, doesn’t mean you should remain hungry! Stuff yourself with all sorts of food that comes your way. Also carry some marshmallows on a stick to roast on the havan fire!


Image source: Siddharth Sharma


Winter is coming, but so is your wedding!

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