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Top 20 Henna Mehandi Designs 2024 to Freshen Up Your Festive Ensembles!

Top 20 Henna Mehandi Designs 2024 to Freshen Up Your Festive Ensembles!

Image Source: CoolBluez Photography

Who doesn’t want a henna mehandi design that brightens up their entire look with its charm? No matter what the occasion is, we love to paint our hands with the aromatic green-colored henna mehandi. And the excitement with which we pick our henna mehandi designs 2024 is something to look at! If you were on a similar hunt for simple henna designs 2024, this blog is the right place to have landed in.

We have picked out some absolutely stunning yet easy henna mehandi designs 2024 that you can draw on your own hand in a jiffy. Or if you are a bride that loves all things minimal or simply cannot bear the smell of henna and has decided to stop by, don’t worry we won’t disappoint you either. This blog also contains simple henna designs that you might just want as your bridal Mehendi 2024. These designs will add the subtlest touch of elegance to any ensemble and can be worn for all auspicious occasions including weddings, Karwa Chauth, Chatt Pooja, Diwali, Eid and so on. So, scroll away!

1. Simple henna mehandi design for the back of your hand

Image Source: Heena Paradise

Got a small festive occasion coming up? Don’t want to fill your hands with henna mehandi? Pick one of these elegant simple henna designs like this one for any occasion.

2. Dainty motif henna mehandi design

Not a fan of big and bold henna mehandi design motifs? We’ve got you covered. Opt for one of these simple henna designs with dots, petite flowers and petals.

3. Lotus motif henna mehandi design 

Image Source: Mehndi Seasons

While the use of lotus design is quite common in bridal henna mehandi, creating unique but simple henna designs with lotuses is definitely fresh and attractive. Pick something like this for a friend’s engagement or festive occasion at home.

4. Fine ditsy henna mehandi design

Image Source: Henna by Haleema

Are you an intricate mehndi design lover too? If yes, then this beautiful ditsy pattern henna mehandi is something you’ll totally adore. Get one of these simple henna designs for Karwa Chauth!

5. Tulip pattern henna mehandi design

Image Source: Nurah’s Henna

There’s nothing more beautiful than simplicity, even when it comes to simple henna designs. This henna mehandi design with tulips and fine pattern on fingers is modern and ideal for a friend or cousin’s wedding; especially if you are planning to wear something contemporary for her big day.

6. Curves, lines and all simple henna mehandi motifs

Image Source: Devi Mehndi

This henna mehandi design here is one of the simple henna designs and easy to draw by yourself too! Got a creative streak? Get a mehndi cone and let this mehndi design image inspire you to create something curvy and elegant.

7. Aztec pattern henna mehandi design for the contemporary brides

Not a big fan of traditional bridal henna mehandi? Pick something modern, minimal and attractive like this! The Aztec patterns with straight lights and linear motifs make these simple henna designs definitely some of the best.

8. The traditional henna mehandi mandala design with a twist

These easy henna designs give a contemporary twist to the classic mandala motif of henna mehandi. You can wear this if you want something that’s traditional but also has a modern spin to it, and want a simple henna design that you can draw on by yourself.

9. The peacock feather henna mehandi design

Fancy a beautiful peacock feather? Why not get a henna mehandi design on your forearm? It is intricate, beautiful, and perfectly modern if you don’t want to get a traditional mehndi design.

10. Bold yet minimalistic henna mehandi design

Image source: Lovly_Khushi

If you want the perfect mix of bold and minimal for your henna mehandi design, then this one right here is the way to go! And guess what? This is one of the simple henna designs that your friend can draw on your hand and you can return the favor.

10. The full hand bridal henna mehandi design 

Image Source: Henna for all

If you are a to-be bride who is looking for some interesting bridal henna mehandi design, then this beautiful full hand bridal henna is something you can definitely consider for your big day.

11. The simple mandala style henna mehndi design for the feet

While mandala mehndi motifs remain popular for hand mehndi, they are less commonly used on the feet. If you want your bridal feet mehndi to look a little different, then this minimalistic mandala mehndi design is something you can surely consider.

12. Intricate bridal henna mehandi design

Let’s admit how much we all love a beautifully intricate henna pattern. This henna mehandi design in traditional bridal patterns is a total win if you love henna designs that are fine and immaculately drawn.

13. Floral and lacy henna mehandi design

Want to go big and bold for your bestie’s wedding? Take inspiration from this mehndi design, which is eye-catchingly bold and looks heavily inspired by permanent tattoo designs.

14. Floral Arabic mehndi design

There is no dearth of floral mehndi designs in the market. But to create something unique and equally stunning out of simple Arabic floral motifs is amazing. Take cues from this new mehndi design right here! And we know it looks complex but trust us, if you have even one creative bone in your body, you will soon discover that this here is one of the simple henna designs that you can draw on by yourself as well!

15. Back hand henna mehandi design 

If you are searching for the perfect modern yet easy henna designs to wear on any festive occasion, then these lovely backhand simple henna designs with minimal patterns and neat curves are the way to go!

16. Bold lotus and peacock forearm simple henna designs

Lotuses and peacocks are as integral to Indian mehndi designs as paisleys and spirals. Pick either lotus or peacock and hero the motif on your forearm to create a latest mehndi design like this!

17. Traditional bridal henna mehandi design

When you are too confused about what to pick for your big day, these henna mehandi designs with traditional motifs are always the safest option to stick to!

18. Simple Arabic mehndi design for engagement

Image source: Mehandikajoeyhenna

Easy henna designs are a favorite among most women; and for all the right reasons. This Arabic mehndi design oozes simplicity but is stunning in equal measure. You can pick one of these easy henna designs like this for Eid or Karwa Chauth.

19. Modern glove style mehndi design for the bridesmaids

Image Source: Leeds Mehndi

Glove style mehndi designs are a superhit trend that is never going out of style. They look classy, dainty, and modern at the same time as well as are easy henna designs that you can draw on by yourself. This mehndi design right here is perfect for a friend’s engagement.

20. Henna mehandi design for bridal feet

All brides want something offbeat as their bridal leg mehndi design, isn’t it? Well, this feet mehndi design is all about making easy henna designs look beautiful with using negative space to create artistic patterns.

We hope this list of mehendi designs 2024 got you just as excited as it got us, and gave you inspiration for the henna mehandi design for your next special occasion. These designs are versatile and evergreen and can be worn by the bride, her mother, her sisters, her friends, and are even kid-friendly. So, save your favorite ones to be handy for when you need them. 

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