10 Tips You Need While Packing For Your Honeymoon

10 Tips You Need While Packing For Your Honeymoon

1. Pack at least 2 weeks prior.
This way you won’t forget things at the last minute; and can add in anything if you do remember sometime in those 2 weeks.

2. Carry a foldable tote bag in your suitcase.
You will probably be doing some shopping on your trip. You can put all that stuff in the tote without worrying about if there’s enough space.  


3. Photocopies of important documents.
Make multiple photocopies of your passport / ID / credit card / etc. Always have one copy of each on you.

4. Pack half your luggage in his bag and vice versa.
JUST IN CASE one of your bags doesn’t make it to the destination, you’ll always have some stuff with you.


5. Provide your family with your trip details.
Give them your, itinerary, contact, hotel information and other such details. They may need it in case of an emergency.

6. Label your luggage.
Always put name tags or clearly label them. It’s good to use a creative or personalised label so no one can mistake it for their own.


7. Carry plastic/ziplock bags.
These come in handy to store toiletries or dirty clothes in an organised way.

8. Pre-charge your gadgets.
Pre-charge all your important gadgets like phones, power bank, portable wifi, etc. In this tech-savvy world, you will probably need every percent of charge!


9. Pack basic meds in your carry-on bag.
Always have some basic meds on you: stuff like a headache tablet/ nausea relief/ cold or cough relief / etc.

 10. No new shoes.
Avoid packing new shoes at all costs. You don’t want your feet hurting or covered in shoe bites from walking around in those new stilettos.  Pack stuff you’re already comfortable wearing.



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