Legal Licenses And Permissions Required For Your Indian Wedding – The Complete List!

Legal Licenses And Permissions Required For Your Indian Wedding – The Complete List!

We know wedding planning can be stressful! While you’re so busy selecting that perfect lehenga and choosing the best caterers, some important details may slip your mind – like all the legalities! Because they are just so many, it’s easy to get confused. But worry not, we’ve made a list of all legal licenses and permissions you would need to carry out a wedding or any similar event in India. Holds good for your sangeet night as well!

PPL license

Phonographic Performance Ltd.
A PPL license can be customised for each licensee. It allows one to play sound recordings in public according to your circumstance.


Indian Performing Right Society
The business of IPRS is to issue licences to users of music and collect royalties from them, on behalf of its members i.e. the authors, the composers and the publishers of music and distribute this royalty amongst them after deducting its administrative costs.


Loud Speaker License

Such a permission is required to be taken for private/ public functions held in private / public places. It can be obtained from your local police station.

Premises License

A premises licence is required to authorise the use of a premises for licensable activities.

Performance License

Public performance license is a legal necessity for playing music in any format-live performance or playing recorded sound tracks in any public place or commercial establishments. The royalty share, which the government receives by issuing the license, goes to the music creators and publishers.

Performance License

NOC from the Traffic Department

NOC from the Fire Brigade Department

NOC from the electrical inspector

NOC from the Health Department

NOC from the Collector (if there is ticket selling or charity show)

NOC from the Rangabhumi Parinirikshan Mandal

This is only for Maharashtra

Certificate regarding fitness of the machinery (in case of amusement rides)

While this essentially the main list of licenses and permissions needed for an Indian wedding, it may vary with your wedding venue and location/city. The best thing do is to check with the wedding venue! So make sure you do that well in advance.


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