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Look At The Bright Side Of Relationships This Diwali!

Look At The Bright Side Of Relationships This Diwali!

‘All you need is love.”
The Beatles got that one right! No matter how cliché it sounds, love is indeed what makes the world go round. And more often than not, a lot of us take that for granted. We look out for big movie-worthy moments or earth-shattering declarations from our significant other that we just fail to see that the purest form of love is in all the little things.

So this Diwali, just to remind you of all the small ways somebody could say those three special words, we have a list of some super-cute, totally on point images and text by Bright Side plus an exclusive Thought Catalog piece that will make you think of your special person and sigh in agreement.

1. ‘This is What Love Looks Like.’ by Bright Side.      

Indian artist, Nidhi Chanani seems to understand just exactly what love is. We don’t find love, we create it. Her adorable and totally relatable illustrations tell us just that!

“The Indian artist Nidhi Chanani understands better than most that it’s the little things that we share with our partners which make life worth living. That’s why she made a series of illustrations called Everyday Love, which demonstrates beautifully how every moment of a relationship contains its own element of wonder.” – Bright Side

Having pillow fights


Greeting each other when we get home from work


Being lazy together


Snacking together late into the night


Falling asleep in each other’s arms


Click here for the entire article!


2. ‘Incredibly Cute Messages from People Who Are Lucky In Love.’ by Bright Side

Cute, unexpected messages from anyone are always a pleasant surprise, but when they’re from your better half, plus hand-written, nothing can get better! 😀

“Family life is not only about love, mutual trust, and the ability to compromise. Small tokens of affection that husbands and wives give each other are just as important. Things like touching notes or cute little gifts can add cosiness to your family life. They make you and your partner smile, creating a special atmosphere that makes your love for each other even stronger.” – Bright Side



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3. ‘This Is What Love Does To Your Body.’ – Bright Side

The actual science of what that amazing feeling called love can do to your mental and physical health!

Love is a natural pain relief
We all know that embraces feel good and comforting. Yet, recent studies have shown that the oxytocin (chemical in brain which creates feeling of calm and closeness) released during a 10-20 seconds hug can effectively fight pain, specifically headaches.

Love helps your body fight illness
Love related gestures, from holding hands to sexual activity, increase the production of endorphins which in turn, enhance our immune system. Similarly, people with physical conditions who feel loved have a much better response to treatment and a stronger motivation to fight illnesses.

Love treats insomnia
Love hormones (oxytocin and endorphins) inhibit the release of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress and it turn, they naturally promote better rest. Also, the «hormonal reconfiguration» of love making is scientifically proven to be one of the most efficient treatments for a good night’s sleep.

Love diminishes addiction probability and reduces withdrawal symptoms
Opiates, cocaine, nicotine, alcohol are so addictive because they affect the dopamine levels in our bodies. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for a sudden rush of pleasure and euphoric effects. Infatuation works the same way. Yet, besides dopamine, it also enhances the release of testosterone and oxytocin, which makes up the best combination for avoiding and fighting addiction.


To know more about what love can do to your body, click here!


4. ‘Your Life, Before and After Marriage, in Pictures.’ by Bright Side

Life before and after marriage does tend to change drastically! These super-cute pictures sum up how.


More pictures found here!


5. ‘The Beauty of True Love, in Pictures’ by Bright Side

“From the very first moment you meet that special person to your last breath together, love is a wonderful thing. And it’s often the little things in particular which make it so beautiful and real. The artist Pascal Campion really knows how to express the truth of this in his illustrations. So we picked a few for you to look at, and enjoy.”


Nervous before meeting each other


…before falling head over heels in love on your first date…


And then worrying about the first kiss


Spending hours on end out in the cold because you don’t want to go home without each other


Taking a long time to say goodbye

Trying to make her parents like you

Feeling over-joyed when you’re reunited.


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6. ‘This is how I’ll date you.’ by Bianca Sparacino, Thought Catalog


“I will date you in a forgetful way. I won’t be able to recall the time you were born, or your mother’s middle name. I will forget mini anniversaries, I will forget appointments. However, I will never forget the way you looked when you told me you loved me for the first time. I will never forget the way you smell, the colour of the freckles in your eyes. I will always remember what makes your heart race, the moments of smaller magic that bang and clash against your ribcage when my head rests on your chest. I will immortalize you in my fingertips; I will never forget the way you make me feel.”

“You will not be my mcm, my wcw, or my bae. You will be my heart. You will be my home. I will not post my love for you on your Facebook wall, I will not take photos to prove to the world how much I adore the way your hair feels in the morning, or how you can never keep a straight face when you see someone fall. There will be no public evidence of our infatuation, but I will love you deeply in the most beautiful places. I will kiss you in your favourite bakery; I will brush your cheek with every tree that lines the most darling streets. We will create memories in the world, not for it. We will see our relationship dotted across the town like Christmas lights.”

“Most importantly, I will date you in the image of tenacity. I will endure for you, even when we fall on hard times, even when we struggle. I will not flee or abandon you when we disagree, I will not sleep within foreign arms when I feel hurt. I promise that when I date you, I will fight for you. I will fight for the beauty in which our hearts have felt, and though it will be difficult at times, like worthy things are, I will believe in you – I will believe in us.”

Read the whole article here.



Image source: brightside.me

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