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Marriage Dates in December 2021

Marriage Dates in December 2021

The last month of the year brings a lot of mixed emotions with it. Even though it is the coldest month of the year, oddly has a warmth attached to it. Its crisp air will always keep you alert but since it is the last month of the year, everyone seems to be nostalgic reverie. Everyone seems to be in a rush to bid the on-going year adieu with one last hoorah and do something memorable. Some are figuring out what their new year’s resolution is going to be while some are evaluating whether followed through with the one they set for this year. It also brings the joyous time of Christmas, a beautiful festival that is celebrated all over the world.

For all of the above reasons, December has a reminiscent romantic vibe to it and makes for the perfect to get married. It is one of the most popular months for Hindu weddings in India and if you want to be a winter bride in 2021 and are looking for wedding dates in 2021, then do it in December. 

Unlike the dainty summer wedding trends, the wedding trends that come in the winters have a lush vibe. Maroon, silver, teal, violet, and turquoise- winter colors are warm and refreshing and can be amazingly incorporated in everything from outfits to jewelry to the wedding decor. Flowers that bloom in winters in India include Alyssum, Pot Marigold, Snapdragons, Dahlias, and Asters, and can be used in the decor to stay completely true to the seam. Roses, both red and white go amazingly with winter weddings and should definitely be incorporated, especially in hairstyles. Velvet can usually be a hassle to deal with in a winter wedding, it brings the plush factor so you can use it either in your outfits or your decor. 

If reading all of this has convinced you for a December wedding, this blog is for you. The pandemic has already put a damper on everyone’s wedding plans. So if you want to wait until December 2021, here are the Marriage Dates in December 2021. 

Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates 2021 – 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 11th, 13th.

Marriage Dates in December 2021

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Happy Wedding!

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