Still no plans for Valentine’s Day? Head over to this candle-lit, sea-view, romantic-as-hell restaurant in Bandra!

Still no plans for Valentine’s Day? Head over to this candle-lit, sea-view, romantic-as-hell restaurant in Bandra!

Okay, Valentine’s Day is juuust around the corner. We know all you lovey-dovey couples already have some super-romantic plans to celebrate the day of love. But we also know that there are a few ace procrastinators out there, just like us, who’re still making them! Well, as usual, we’re here to do the planning for you.

We did a little looking and found that Masala Bar, Bandra is THE place to go on that perfectly romantic Valentine’s dinner date. Candle-lighting, sea-view, beautiful ambience.. What more do you want?!

What we LOVED about the restaurant is there no-electricity feature! That’s right. The whole place is beautifully lit by golden candle/lantern lighting which sets just about the perfect mood for V-Day. What’s more is it’s the only fully candle-lit culinary concept in the world, which works great if you’re looking for unique and special plans! (who isn’t?)

Plus, as the name suggests, their awesome Bar is definitely one of the perks of visiting this #HighOctaneLab. Their cocktail menu is literally designed to blow your mind with its one-of-a-kind list of cocktails that seem to come straight out of a science lab! Some you smoke, some you inhale and some you simply relish. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
As for the food! Their Tapas style progressive Indian cuisine houses some uber-cool, modern techniques to create unique dishes like Carbon Bhajji and Crunchy Chicken Floss. Whaaat? :D
For, those looking for something a little more fulfilling, their menu also features a Buns and Sliders section, while for those extra calories there is also a selection of post-modern, innovative desserts. SO much creativity!


Drinks we recommend:

Sunset @ Carter
An Evening at Chowpati
Bollywood Bhaang
Filter ‘Kaafi’ Uska


Food we recommend:

Kakrar Aam Kasundi Paturi
Crunchy Chicken Floss
Pumpkin Chowder
Carbon Bhajji / Carbon Pao
Deconstructed Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls
Mahabaleshwar Chilli Poppers
Tori Katsu Kari


Well, from what we know, this definitely seems like the right place for an ideal Valentine’s dinner date. What are you waiting for? Start booking a table already!


Phone: 022 30150859

Address: Level 1, Gagangiri Apartments, Carter Road, Bandra West



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