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Navy Groom’s Antics has Everyone in Splits!

Navy Groom’s Antics has Everyone in Splits!

Twitter is like a wonderful playground where you find all types of children. Some political kids, some celebrity kids, some activists kid, some shaant bacche and some funny-bones Jones who tickle everyone present there. One such funny Jones was this video shared by Twitter user Binosh Alex Bruce. It showed a Navy officer doing hilarious tasks set by his colleagues while exiting the venue with his bride.

Lieutenant Abhinav tied the knot with Elena Varghis in a typical Indian navy wedding. According to a Navy tradition they received a spectacular and hilarious exit. In the video one can hear an officer shouting, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Lieutenant Abhinav and Elena Varghis.‘ After this, the couple received a traditional salute from the navy officers present at the wedding. They had to go through an ‘arch of sabers’  and its’ video had everyone in splits!



The groom had to perform a task in order to cross the arch. The tasks were set by his colleagues and he accomplished all successfully! The task list was-


  1. Do 20 high jumps
  2. Hug the bride and dance with her
  3. Do ten push-ups and yell “I love you Elena” each time.
  4. Kiss the bride
  5. Lift the bride and carry her in your arms 


Lieutenant Abhinav took on these challenges sportingly and crossed every hurdle that came his way. Honestly, this video has made my day!


People, please bless us with more such videos!

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