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Nirmala and Pratyush’s Guwahati Intimate Lockdown Wedding

A couple who rewrote the laws of love!

At times meeting your soulmate can be really simple, don’t you think? This is what happened with Nirmala and Pratyush!

Both Nirmala and Pratyush are advocates and they met in court in 2015. They were first introduced to each other by a common friend. What began was a beautiful friendship and eventually led them to think of their life together. The funny thing is when he proposed, she said no but eventually came around! Nirmala realised that he was her soulmate and for Pratyush, she was everything and he was most comfortable with her.

Finally, it was time to meet the parents. But Nirmala did not know that Pratyush was going to ask her hand in marriage. “One fine day he came over to meet my parents and later on took me by complete surprise when he asked me to marry him!” says Nirmala. Obviously, her parents were ecstatic. In fact, it turned out that her father and Pratyush father were old friends who had lost touch over the years.

The Wedding

As both families were in agreement over this love match, they decided to set the wedding date. They 23rd May 2020 as the wedding date and it was decided before the lockdown was enforced. When the lockdown was declared, the couple along with their families thought to continue with the wedding plans albeit on a smaller scale. Their wedding was attended by close friends and family members. As the wedding was being hosted at the bride’s home in Guwahati, all necessary safety measures and precautions were taken.

The décor was done by their friend as per the bride’s design instructions. The wedding celebrations were limited to just the wedding day as the permit issued by the authorities was only for the 23rd of May. As per the Assamese rituals, the bride’s attire was gifted by the groom’s family and the groom’s attire was gifted by the bride’s family.  

In fact, what was interesting is that the couple wore matching masks as per their attire. The mask worn by the bride had small tassels and was made of the Mekhla Chador’s fabric as her saree.

“Masks were already the norm given the COVID-19 situation across the world. Both of us had decided to wear masks during the wedding. However, the masks which we had were the ones bought from the pharmacy. Pratyush casually mentioned to Kakali, our photographer, on 20.05.2020 about arranging for traditional masks which would complement our wedding attire. Kakali then spoke to Nandini Borkakati about it, of which we had no clue, and that’s how the mask was created for the both of us. Though it was all last minute, the result was beautiful. The masks were a surprise gift from our friends Kakali and Deepak.” – Nirmala.

“Our wedding celebrations were curtailed due to the pandemic. But the presence of family and our closest friends turned it into the most memorable day of our lives.”

About the Wedding Photographers

The wedding photographers, Kakali and Deepak are our friends. Kakali has been friends with Pratyush for the longest time now. Kakali always insisted that she would invariably be the photographer for Pratyush’s wedding. The team worked really hard, and the results were remarkable!

The Dream Team

Wedding Photographers – DEEKAD Studios

Masks – Page 3 Boutique by Nandini Borkakati

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