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Paavani and Clinto: This Couple’s Wedding Re-affirmed our Faith in Love!

Paavani and Clinto: This Couple’s Wedding Re-affirmed our Faith in Love!

There are love stories, and then there are love stories! Paavani and Clinto fall in the latter. Theirs is a tale made for the books, a story sprinkled with fairy dust but very real and very true… Seeing Paavani and Clinto together restores our faith in love and makes us believe that love triumphs no matter what, and that some promises are meant for eternity.


“I want love to be simple. I want to trust without thinking. I want to be generous with my affection and patience and love unconditionally. It is easier to love a person with their flaws than to weed through them. I want to love the whole person, not parts; and this is how I want to be loved.” — Jewel Kilcher



And this what this couple’s story stands for and more. Paavani and Clinto, are two people who met by chance, fell for each other head-over-heels and have been inseparable ever since. The duo recently made things official by tying the knot and here’s saying the wedding photos and video will reaffirm your faith in love.



P.S. you’ve got to hear the groom’s speech when he was overwhelmed with emotions and went all out to say, “When I smile … She smiles…

When I cry… She cries…

When I walk… She comes with me…

What could I ask more…

To have a girl who loves me, more than I love her…

That’s more than enough for me…

And because of this, no matter what the consequences or obstacles, I had decided she is going to be my wife!” *awwwwww*


Take a look at the video here:




Heartwarming right?


I am in love with how Lumiere Wedding Company  shot this wedding so beautifully and moreover, about how they were so forthcoming when we wanted some insights into this super adorbs love story. Scroll down to know more : 


Q. How did the couple meet? 

A. So, Paavani & Clinto are both artists and are crazy about paintings. It all started when Paavani was working for a mural painting project for interiors of a music school in London, and she ended up contacting Clinto’s buddy Joyal. And it was Joyal, who suggested Paavni should get in touch with Clinto instead.

That’s how they started talking, one thing led to another, sparks started flying and they have been inseparable since!




Q. What do you think about the couple? 


A. When Clinto first contacted us, it was through a phone call. We did feel a vibe in his voice and the excitement about getting married! All the while though, we had no clue that this couple was so unique and special. For us, it was just another normal couple enquiring for their wedding. 

But we did sense some special excitement for their wedding which gave us major goosebumps. We at Lumière are crazy about genuine feelings and we love to capture the real feelings, love, and bonds, which you can always see portrayed beautifully in all of our videos and photos. And that’s what is reflected in the pictures too!



Q. The one moment that defined the spark or IT factor for them?


A. Clinto knew she was physically challenged before she started talking to him only, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for him. Instead, it was after they started talking to each other, he got to know her well. He was mesmerized by the bold and strong character, her indomitable will and her positive attitude. He decided that she was the girl for him and since then, there was no looking back!




Q. What was the most amazing element about the couple according to you? (Lumiere wedding company)?


A. From our perspective, their understanding and love for each other are what attracted us the most. They way they care about each other’s smallest things, is what echoed in their every move. In short, they were madly in love. and that’s really hard to find. There’s is, exactly what you call – divine love.



Q. How was your experience with this couple?


A. In a word, Wonderful. They were amazing individuals. Had a nice vibe and energy with them always and most importantly they loved lumière. and we consider it a privilege and blessing being a part of their beautiful love story.


Well well, here’s wishing this couple a lifetime of togetherness!

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