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Photographer for Honeymoon? Yay or Nay?

Photographer for Honeymoon? Yay or Nay?

Oh, how we hate those shaky tourist snaps or getting being photo bombed by locals. We no longer cherish couple selfies with two heads squeezed in. C’mon, after the maddening chaos and stress of the wedding, a honeymoon is…ahhhhh relaxing. It’s just going to be the two of you at a beautiful destination. Perhaps it is Goa, that exotic island in the Caribbean or maybe a tour in the vineyards of California. So, why do you want to settle for random pictures on your honeymoon, if you can have the perfect photos of your romantic getaway?

Of course, it is going to be a personal choice and we don’t want to mess with that. But we have an opinion which refuses to budge. Let’s just spill out the beans on how a honeymoon photographer could be as cool as the sprinkles you added to the dollop of vanilla ice-cream at the last minute. As much as we would like to be ‘lets-be-safe’ maniacs, didn’t the sprinkles add that zing to your taste buds? That’s exactly what a honeymoon photographer does, and there are more pros than cons (more than you think). Let’s understand all the stuff you need to know before you take this jump. Shall we rather say skydive?


Photographer for Honeymoon? Yay or Nay?

Photo By: PK Suri


Photographer for Honeymoon? Yay or Nay?

Photo By: Dot Dusk


Get Rid of ‘I Am the Pro’

That’s the first thing you should bid adieu to. Sure, you have that fancy SLR from HongKong, but please take a look at yourself in the mirror. We mean, just be realistic. The majority of your honeymoon photos will just be you and your better half asking (somewhat awkwardly) a random passerby to snap a pic. How cool would it be to hire someone to capture us walking around the scintillating lanes of Peru? You might have taken a crash course in photography, but you get our point, right?


It’s the ‘in’ Thing to Do

Probably, your mommy or even elder brother may give you that ‘what’s-wrong-with-you’ look. You might even have to explain to them why it’s not a waste of money. But you sure would be bubbling with excitement underneath that layer of baffling decision you took – of hiring a professional. All you have to do is meet up with a few for a quick chat and then get down to capturing memories. Hiring a flytographer for your honeymoon is the perfect way to cherish happy moments. Who wouldn’t like a makeover just like a star, which makes you look good and feel good? (Unless you belong to the ‘Mahabharata’ era).


The Professional Magic

In general, you can expect the photographer to give you two to three hours of work, which will be well worth the expense. Whether you should have one change or two of clothing to mix things up– the photographer will make your choices easy. Yeah, you don’t need to be all planned but you can get help with the confusion of concentrating on a romantic sunset or an intimate dinner for two. Tell the photographer what you want and plan a few hours carefully to help him figure out the lighting and weather conditions. You can expect him to get a multitude of lenses, flash guns, video lights, spare batteries and memory cards amongst a whole host of other technical kit.


Freedom… Woohoo

Freedom... Woohoo

Photo By: Happy Flashbacks

Say goodbye to fuzzy and embarrassing cell phone shots! Hiring a professional photographer means no more pictures of your arms outstretched, trying to capture a selfie on a beach! Why risk out-of-focus photographs and spoil your best vacation ever? Most couples return from trips with a million photos but have just a few with their faces in it. For a change, if you are not always taking pictures, wouldn’t you enjoy the moments to the fullest?

Let us warn you about the bad move of hiring a professional photographer who does not have experience in capturing honeymoons. If you still want to save those bucks and not consider a honeymoon photographer, are you sure your friend will keep going for the entire honeymoon period? You don’t want important shots to be lost as your friend gets bored and wanders off to enjoy himself.


Freedom... Woohoo

Photo By: PhotoTantra


Freedom... Woohoo

Photo By: Robin Saini


Yes, you might want to reconsider this idea if you worship privacy. The photographer will not steal your intimate moments, but you need to be comfortable with having something around to capture your mood swings, mushiness, misty-eyed moments and craziness. Don’t ask us; we are all ‘yay’ for it. The thought of jumping into water (with your sweetheart by your side) and not having to worry about the camera makes us salivate. Literally!

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