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Pre-wedding Grooming Guide for the Brides to Glow on their Wedding Day

Pre-wedding Grooming Guide for the Brides to Glow on their Wedding Day

It’s a no brainer that every bride wants to look the best version of herself on her D-day! And what better than planning a skincare and beauty routine in the months that lead to the wedding day?


After all,  it’ll make sure your skin is well prepped before the D-day arrives and there are no breakouts during any of the functions! Here’s me listing a pre-wedding grooming guide for all you brides-to-be, so that you maintain that bridal glow amidst the wedding shenanigans.


1. Figure out your fitness and diet routine



Exercising regularly and eating healthy will keep you away from all the unhealthy crash dieting jazz and also bring a natural glow to your skin!


2. Happy tips for your hands and feet



Right after he puts a ring on it, you’ll have all attention on your hands, so keeping your hands and feet primed up and polished is totally recommended! So, make an appointment for frequent mani-pedis to make sure your hands and feet are well groomed.


3. Exfoliation followed by regular CTM



Exfoliation helps to remove all the blackheads and dead skin cells. And regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing will help your pores to stay open and breathe better.

P. S. follow this routine twice a week.


4. Hairmoval



Go for a laser hair removal treatment if you want to be fuzz-free on your wedding day (and your honeymoon, of course). Start this treatment around 8-9 months in advance as it takes 4-5 months between the treatment and 2-3 weeks to get your skin smooth and back to normal.

P. S. Laser should not be the only option.


5. Visit your hair stylist



Hair is one of the most important things you wouldn’t want to go wrong with on your D-day.

Do not take hasty decision to get your hair length reduced drastically. Try out different hairstyles but, chop chop? Nah! Get your hair trimmed and split ends removed for a healthy growth until your wedding day!


6. Lift weights



While yoga, aerobics and zumba could be a good workout regime, a few sets of dumbbells, on the other hand, will help you get a toned back, arms and shoulders…totally ready to don your beautiful wedding lehenga.


7. Take a makeup trial



You must run a makeup trail a couple of months in advance.

P. S. have a photographer handy while you are trying on the makeup to understand how different you would look in different lights and which makeup would go best with your wedding theme and the wedding dress.


8. Bow to the brows



Get your eyebrows in shape along with your body.

You definitely want your eyebrows to look fuller and shinier on your D-day. So, let them grow and tweeze the extras when needed.


9. Brighten up your smile, it’s your wedding!



Visit your dentist to get your teeth professionally whitened. Do not overdo it as anything with a hint of artificial looks too prominent in the pictures.


10. Focus on your lips



While you get your teeth whitened, your lips shouldn’t go uncared for. Applying some good lip balm each night and exfoliate your lips once in a week.


11. Mediate



An effective way to reduce stress is to take some time out and meditate for around 15 minutes a day. It will help you maintain your cool and your glowing skin.


12. Sleep



Sleep is absolutely a must for healthier skin, body and mind while you are too jazzed up with the wedding preparations.

13. Spa and Massage



It isn’t a must but it is a good thing to try before your wedding. Go for a hair, facial and body spa to feel lighter and better.


Voila! Here is the beautiful you ready for your big day!

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