Priyansh Paliwal: Your Go-to Singer for a Perfect Sangeet Evening!

Priyansh Paliwal: Your Go-to Singer for a Perfect Sangeet Evening!

Let me ask you a question- why do people go for concerts when they can listen to the songs on a loop anytime, anywhere? Cause the live version is nothing compared to the recorded song! The same is true for your wedding. The DJ can never measure up with a live band. Nowadays, many couples are opting for bands for the experience is simply unmatchable. If you too wish for a live performance at your wedding, here are a few things you should keep in mind-

  1. Do your research. Ask various sources before finalising one in haste. Checkout their videos and previous work.
  2. Discuss the playlist with the band/singer. Both the parties should be comfortable with the said playlist. Ask them if there are any songs that they would like to cover.

Go through the contact and review it before you sign it.


Speaking of live performance, I know of a certain singer who is the perfect man for your events. Priyansh Paliwal is a dynamic singer who will enthrall  you with his performance. Priyansh, a budding, talented artist from Udaipur has quickly made a name for himself. His soulful voice casts a spell on everyone! The  YouTuber is crossing milestones every single day. Fresh out of college, Priyansh decided to give his passion a shot. For him, music is nothing less than meditation. Priyansh is a multi-instrument player too. He has learned to play tabla, harmonium, congo, matki, keyboard, etc. 

With more than 650 live shows and 26.8k subscribers on YouTube in such a short span of time, Priyansh has become a celebrity singer in Rajasthan. The journey which started as just passion has touched countless souls. Praises from  Amitabh Bachchan is just a small example of Priyansh’s exemplary work. Lend an ear to him and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!






I was right, wasn’t I? His voice is pure magic!

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