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Real Bride Lessons- What Not to Do for Trousseau Shopping

Real Bride Lessons- What Not to Do for Trousseau Shopping

 One of the most stressful things about a wedding is putting the bridal trousseau together. Even after endless shopping trips, it feels like you are missing something! It’s common to be overwhelmed and buy the entire market or leave everything up to your mom. Let’s not do that ladies! Take the shopping reins in your hands and if you need any help, read below 😉


Sure, you’ll make some mistakes but it is necessary to decide and carry out your own trousseau shopping. If you are worried about the mistakes, you can learn a thing or two from these brides. They were kind enough to share their bridal trousseau shopping experiences – the mistakes they made and the lessons that they learnt! So, continue reading…


1. Don’t go Overboard



Wedding is no excuse to hoard your trousseau with numerous sarees, lehengas and dresses. Real bride Nikita Polkam shared her experience with us, “I bought 30 sarees when I stepped out for shopping. Big mistake! It’s been 8 years but those sarees are still collecting dust.” So buy exactly what you’ll need. This includes your heavy outfits as well.


2. No Hangry Shopping



You must’ve heard the saying “pehle pet puja phir kaam duja” It’s true! Do not shop when you are angry or hungry. You’ll end up making bad decisions. Bride Devashree Kher shared her ordeal with us “My mistake was that I continued shopping even when I was hungry. I snapped at everyone and bought some awful stuff. Ugh, I regret it so much! Brides, always shop on a full stomach!


3. List + Budget



Ah, two shopping essentials that people often don’t follow- the list and the budget. Make sure you list all the items you require beforehand within a budget. Don’t forget to stick to them!


4. Comfortable Lingerie



While sexy lingerie is a must, they are also damn uncomfortable! I wonder how those models wear them for longer hours. Remember, the chances of you wearing it for more than 1o minutes are bleak. It’s going to come off sooner than you think! Bride Vibha Mukherjee told us that the best advice someone gave her was to buy lots of comfortable lingerie and nightwear.


5. Makeup Hoarders



If you don’t wear makeup every day and are more of an eyeliner and lipstick kinda girl, refrain from buying tons of makeup or a vanity box. You can buy the items you use but that’s about it. “Even if you are a makeup lover, don’t buy in bulk. That stuff expires, you know!” says bride Ashita Vasandani.


6. Build a Colour Palette



It’s not advisable to stick to one colour. “You may love the colour red but that doesn’t mean you become a Red Riding Hood! Explore all colour options. Don’t build your trousseau with only one colour.” advises bride Shivani Yadav, an artist by profession.


Well, there are many things one needs to keep in mind while trousseau shopping. Don’t forget to feed and hydrate yourself throughout the shopping!


Heaving a sigh of relief already?


Cover image source: Masoon Minawala

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