Reasons why you must get your bridal jewellery on rent and where to get them from!

Reasons why you must get your bridal jewellery on rent and where to get them from!


Indians are most passionate about buying gold and jewellery for any and every function, but is buying the bridal jewellery a right decision to take?


Although your wedding is the most important event in your life but surely you don’t want to spend a fortune! And as a bride you might have thought of the ways you can save on the wedding expenses and if you haven’t put it on your list then here’s one you can consider – Rent your bridal jewellery.


Here are a few reasons why you must rent your bridal jewellery and where you can get them from.


1. Save Money



Let’s say this, bridal jewellery is not just hefty but also expensive. The fancier the jewellery set, the higher the cost goes. And if you are thinking about saving a significant amount in your wedding then consider renting a jewellery.

A necklace in the bridal jewellery set might cost your Rs. 1 Lakh, so imagine the cost of an entire set. On the other hand, the rental cost of a fancy bridal jewellery set will start from Rs. 20,000.


2. More and fancier options



Image Source: Aaharya


If you are a to-be-bride, you definitely don’t want to settle for anything less or ordinary and everything fancier has a fancier price tag attached to it. But if you still don’t want to compromise with design because of your budget then getting bridal jewellery sets on rent is a perfect option for you.


3. Customization



Image Source: Cupcake Productions


If you are renting your bridal jewellery, you get various options to choose from. You might like a necklace from one set or a nose ring from another, so you can pair them up and pick each jewellery piece of your liking.


4. Comfortable and light in weight



Image Source: Cupcake Productions


After trying on the bridal outfit, you would anyway look for something lighter in jewellery which won’t weigh your neck down or cause any discomfort.

While the real gold jewellery is heavy, the one on rent is lighter in weight and comfortable to wear.


Where do you get the jewellery on rent?




Rent Jewels


Eves 24


Mod Jewellers


Image Source: Pinterest (Unless specified)


Bridal jewellery is expensive and is very much exclusive to your wedding, which you might never have a chance to wear again. So, rent it all!

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