Reinvent ethnicity with Raymond’s ceremonial collection - A must see for all grooms to be!

Reinvent ethnicity with Raymond’s ceremonial collection - A must see for all grooms to be!

Boasting of being the modern man’s sartorial choice, Raymond never fails to surprise us with dapper and classy outfits. A luxurious milieu with a look of grandiosity- The new Ceremonial Collection by Raymond is palpable and breathtaking!


They have recently launched a flagship store featuring its Ceremonial collection at Kemps Corner, Mumbai. You now have an array of Ceremonial outfits to choose from, all under one roof. Neither too subtle, nor glaringly over-the-top, these outfits are a perfect pick for grooms-to-be, who want to nail their ceremonial ensemble.


The event allows you to interact with luxury wedding stylists, get all your groomswear needs answered and an exclusive sneak peek at the collection with discounts. Only 30 spots are open to the fastest followers!

Click here to register for the event.

If you are a Raymond-lover there’s nothing much I need to say, but in case you’re not, there is a strong chance you won’t be able to ignore these alluring and elegant garments and you are sure to fall in love with these outfits:


Floral Jacquards





A sneak peek into history- Jacquards takes its name from the Frenchman, Joseph Marie Jacquard, who in 1801, invented a mechanical loom that could be used to weave rich and intricate patterns into cloth.

It is this very element that makes a man donning a Raymond outfit stand out amidst a crowd.

A timeless element, which instantly raises the bar of the groom’s ensemble. If you are looking out for something regal, this is your pick!! You surely DO NOT want to miss out on these unconventional colour combinations, pastel hues and offbeat patterns.


The Bandhgala





An integral part of a man’s ceremonial wardrobe, a bandhgala has forever added to the cultural and traditional facet of men’s clothing. Raymond gives you JUST THIS!

The range of bandhgalas by Raymond have a lot more to offer- outfits that are inspired from exotic cultures and historical periods. You don’t want to be missing out on these!! An enviable combination of chic and contemporary, these outfits will leave you WOW-ED!


What leaves me most impressed is the unrestrained use of vibrant colours and large motifs, which are usually not a part of quintessential groomswear. It adds boldness, oomph and an ‘edgy’ factor to the entire outfit.


The Tuxedo



When you hear the word ‘Tuxedo’, what pops up in your mind instantly?

Black? More black?

Amidst strong fashion trends, black need not be synonymous with your tuxedo. You don’t have to worry about this at Raymonds, wherein you have stunning options galore!


Inspired by the luxury and impeccable tailoring, tuxedos are capable of giving you the cutting edge you need for any occasion. It is a delight to see tuxedos being experimented with in terms of their colours, cuts and patterns.


Grooms-to-be out there, this is it, minimize your phone/laptop tabs and head to the brand’s new outlet at Kemps corner, right away! What are you waiting for???

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