Seashell jewellery and accessories are becoming the new BIG TREND at weddings!

Seashell jewellery and accessories are becoming the new BIG TREND at weddings!

Seashells have always been known for the pretty and fresh feels they exude, but what’s better?? Brides are going all out when it comes to experimenting with their jewellery and accessories and seashells are soon becoming a fad! I am super duper impressed with this addition and I am pretty sure after going through the pictures, you all will be swooning over them too!


Not only as a part of jewellery, these seashells are becoming quite a rage when it comes to other wedding related accessories as well. Yes, you read that RIGHT! Imagine yourself flaunting seashell kaleeras or imagine having seashell brooches for the guys at your wedding. Exciting, right?


Here’s me listing the different ways in which brides and grooms infused seashell baubles in their wedding and WOWed us:


1. I am pretty sure you have heard of floral haath phools, but how about infusing seashells in these tribal-themed ones?


Image source: Outhouse Jewellery


2. Brooches with carved tulips in rose quartz, crystals and pearls- can it get more interesting?


Image source: Outhouse Jewellery


3. Kaabia Grewal broke the internet by pairing her baby pink chudha with gorgeous silver kaleeras and seashells!


Image source: Outhouse Jewellery


4. How about these ear cuffs made of white enamel, crystals and shells?


Image source: Outhouse Jewellery


5. When brides have the works available to them, why should the groom and the groomsmen feel left out?? With this lapel pin, you could certainly up your accessory game?


Image source: Outhouse Jewellery


6. I spotted this awesome seashell jewellery at Arpita Mehta’s new collection, ‘Folklore’. From seashell bracelets to pins and earrings, there is a whole lot you could choose from!


Image source: Arpita Mehta


7. A great pick for your mehendi ceremony- it has pretty seashells, oysters and starfish!


Image source: Seashell Jewellery


8. This bride has gone all out with these OTT seashell kaleeras!!


Image source: Pinterest


9. I am looooving these red and white chudhas with minimalistic use of seashells at the end!


Image source: The Royal Affair


Are you ready to go all out with this pretty and chic element?

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