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Some crazy, some cute: Haldi pictures you shouldn’t miss!

Some crazy, some cute: Haldi pictures you shouldn’t miss!


Yellow! Yellow! Yellow!

If you are wondering what we are talking about, well this is the only colour you can see in a haldi ceremony. From the turmeric to the clothes to the yellow marigolds, everything is just yellow!


It doesn’t stop here. A haldi ceremony can get quite crazy and entertaining, especially for the bride and groom. So all the to-be-dulhas and dulhans, brace yourselves for this yellow nightmare.


Here are photos that will prove haldi can be the most exciting yet maddening function, preceding your shaadi:


1. No haldi, please!


Image source: Thestoryweavers


We can literally hear the bride scream, “Nooooo!”

Hard luck! No one is listening to you on your haldi ceremony, uh-uh.


2. Chhalka Chhalka re kalse ka paani…!


Imagesource: lightbucketproductions


This is a beautiful shot of a water splash on the bride during the ceremony.


3. Can we get it over with?


Image source: wedon’tsaycheese


Bitter-sweet and of course yellow!

This bride seems to be waiting for this yellow ordeal to end for her.


4. Yellow beauty


Image source: thestoryweavers


This bride has turmeric applied on her entire face and more so in progress.


5. Flower shower


Image source: gautamkhullarphotography


Baharon phool barsao…

Because, afterall its haldi time!


6. Naughty and nice


Image source: gautamkhullarphotography


It’s all about some haldi and some nakhraas!


7. Yellow everywhere!


Image source: priyamparikhpictures


So much yellow, fun and excitement-all in one capture!


8. Double trouble!


Image source: shutterdownphotography


The bride and groom a part of the haldi ceremony together, it can’t get any better, can it?


9. Why should yellow have all the fun?


Image source: shutterdownphotography


Smoke bombs=double the fun! Must we say anything else?


10. Not-so-haldi fan

Imagesource: shutterdownphotography


Haldi is not only about the brides, this dulha proves it with his priceless expression.


Get all geared up to have some crazy, yellow pictures on your haldi!

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