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Something Different! 7 White Mehendi Ideas

Something Different! 7 White Mehendi Ideas

The mehendi ceremony is an important event in an Indian wedding. Hands and feet being decorated with intricate designs using henna. Depending on how intricate is the design, the drying up process will vary but it is worth it if you want to get that dark colour imprint on your limbs.


For the longest time, henna monopolised the mehendi sphere – until a few years ago, the concept of “white mehendi” came into existence. White mehendi is basically white body paint that is slowly making its way the ensemble of a modern and non-conventional bride. It is not actually henna for henna is a plant whose extract provides the reddish-brown tint to skin.


In case you wish to ditch the stand choice of henna and go for white mehendi art instead, here are some looks you can choose from!


Shoulder That Art


Image Source: Ailina Timofeeva


This form of mehendi does not necessarily need to stick to hands. When done right, white mehendi can adorn any other part of your body as well. In case any of your outfits features an off-shoulder neck, tube top or peep-hole sleeves, white mehendi should definitely be considered as an option!


Get in Some Glitter


Image Source: Pinterest


What’s life without a little glitter? Add a few tones of glitter to make your white mehendi sparkle and shine! Gold glitter is a favourable choice since the colour often appears in most Indian wedding outfits and looks really pretty.


Adding in The Jewels


Image Source: KS.Creative Photography


If not glitter, tiny jewels can also be an option. It adds a certain touch of opulence to your mehendi and will look incredible on your wedding day!


The Floral Fanatic


Image Source: Henna_Makeup_Aisha


Floral prints have and will always remain a popular choice for brides! Florals can appear on the outfits, as accessories or jewellery pieces or even in the mehendi. 


Pop of Colour


Image Source: iMehndi


In case you are looking to go the extra mile with your mehendi, why not a pop of colour to it? You can do so by using different colours of glitter or gemstones. Try using a colour that compliments your outfit.


The Detail Loving Bride


Image Source: Henna by Ima Habsyi


This is perfect for your wedding day! It will take a while for the entire thing to be drawn out on your hands but will look so elegant with the entire bridal ensemble. 


Making it Sexy Back


Image Source: Mehendi by Melissa


If you can rock the white mehendi on your shoulders, you can definitely rock it on your back too. Make sure you are wearing something that lets you flaunt that white mehendi on your back!


What are your thoughts on white mehendi and will you want to rock the look someday?

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