Stunning Mehndi Designs for Everyone in The Bridal Entourage!

Stunning Mehndi Designs for Everyone in The Bridal Entourage!


Bridal mehendi is all an art in itself - The intricate detailing, the caricatures of the bride and groom, the stunning floral motifs, the swift sways and delicate embellishments require a certain kind of artisic flair. The brides of today have also taken it up a notch with their minimal bridal mehndi designs, experimenting with Arabic and Pakistani bridal mehndi designs for themselves and their bridal party.  Since your entourage is your biggest source of strength, entertainment and all things fun – why not make sure their mehndi doesn’t lack the beauty it deserves! Scroll down to see how your chichi, maami, maasi and your little nieces can get easy-to-do mehndi designs on their palms too.

For Kids

Cute little designs for cute little hands!

Friend / Sister of the bride

This one’s for your girl, your bestie, your vent-machine. This mehndi design is modern, chic with the right amount of boho added to it.

For your Maasi

For that special aunt, who first took you shopping and bought you your first lipstick - here's to making sure her hands look just as stunning as her ensemble.

For the Mother of the Bride

A gorgeous mehndi design for the mother of the bride is essential. Check out this design to make sure the compliments keep flowing through the night.

For YOU!

If you’re the minimal kinda bride who doesn’t like full fledged mehndi designs, this one's for your! Contemporary, chic and classy.


Check out these links for more inspiration on bridal mehndi –

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