This Father-Daughter Vidaai Video will Tug at your Heartstrings!

This Father-Daughter Vidaai Video will Tug at your Heartstrings!

Recently our social media manager posted a tear jerking video on our Instagram page. My phone was abuzz with excitement and I promptly played the video. I was travelling by local train at that time and the moment I saw it, my eyes welled up. How can one hold back their tears when they come across the most heartwarming vidaai video ever? I blame it on Vishal Punjabi, the genius behind The Wedding Filmer. The Wedding Filmer along with Devangi Chopra reworked on the song ‘Let Her Go’. The video is a compilation of the sweetest vidaai moments. “When he doesn’t have my hand, he has my back. He’s a best friend, mentor and protector. All these unnoticed roles and he plays Father best. To all the superheroes who’ve raised the most amazing women” they captioned video. When you scroll down, make sure you have a tissue box next to you!





Argh, damn waterworks!

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