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Bread is an integral part of Indian cuisine and certainly Indian wedding cuisine. They occupy a prime spot in the menu as favourite accompaniments to relish the extensive delicious gourmet palette....
June 11, 2020
The Indian food palette is a rich riot of colours, spices and flavours. Above all, it is a celebration of cultures, retelling of stories and an opulent ocean of emotions! So, why not make the most ...
April 23, 2020
“Cocktails & Dreams” Lit up in Neon Sign with Tom Cruise in the backdrop… Could there be a better cocktail?  For now, let’s talk about those heavenly drinks that are mixed together at the bar i...
Feb. 20, 2020
Hey, bride-to-be!! Are you struggling with dull unattractive skin? Is your day approaching fast while you are biting your nails faster? Well, fret not. Here is a small no-fuss, no-nonsense food gu...
Jan. 2, 2020
At a wedding, a plated meal typically consists of three or more courses- an appetizer or salad or soup, an entree or main course and dessert. The meal is either wrapped up with dessert or a hot be...
Dec. 31, 2019

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