Light Lehengas Suggestions For You

8 Different Ways a Bride can Wear her Lehenga on the Big Day
This is the story of the bride and her lehenga - An outfit every girl dreamt of a thousand times and planned it meticulously in her mind. This is one outfit she will give her everything for and it...
Jan. 13, 2020
8 Chic Lehengas for Mehendi Ceremony
You know what is the most talked-about topic at a wedding after the food? The bride’s outfit.  Vishesh tippani #1- wear something offbeat! Your outfit is one of those precious things that you are ...
Jan. 9, 2020
5 Red and Blue Outfits for Brides and Bridesmaids
There are just colour combinations and colour palettes that will forever be considered as classics but yet have divided opinions about them. One such colour combination is red and blue. Personally,...
Nov. 30, 2019
Pop of Colour: 5 Colourful Lehengas for Brides and Bridesmaids
Rather than opting for the common warm colours - navy blue, maroon, black, olive green -  go for something more bright and lively. Bright and multi-coloured lehengas are in trend and as a bride or ...
Nov. 30, 2019
7 Brides who found their Dream Lehenga at Chandni Chowk
Khaala/ Daijaan/ DJ rightly said “isse accha toh humara Chandni Chowk hai!” while dissing the British. Truer words have never been spoken! Chandni Chowk is like Pandora’s box. Whether you want to e...
Nov. 30, 2019
10 White Wedding Outfits for Brides and Bridesmaids
White at an Indian wedding? Sounds odd, right? Well, no more! White is becoming an increasingly popular colour for people to sport at an Indian wedding. Honestly, it is a really elegant colour and ...
Nov. 26, 2019
9 Vivid Lehenga Colours for your Winter Wedding
At winter weddings, you’ll usually spot a bride in deep, rich shades. Bright and jhatak colours are usually kept for summers. But hey, it’s time to break the routine and wear a bright, happy colour...
Nov. 21, 2019
3 Styles that are Perfect for Brides & Bridesmaids this Wedding Season
Wondering what to wear to that Indian wedding that you have been invited to? Or are you a bride, stuck in a conundrum of what to wear without having to spend big wads of money? Wedding shopping can...
Nov. 19, 2019
6 Polka Dot Outfits for Brides and Bridesmaids
Wondering how to make your bridal or bridesmaid outfit a bit more fun and cheerful? How about adding some polka dots to your outfit?   The modern term “Polka Dot” comes from the polka dance craze ...
Nov. 12, 2019
Feeling Blue? 10 Blue Lehenga Options for Brides
Feeling the blues? No, I don’t mean the emotion or music genre but rather wanting to don the royal shade for your wedding celebrations! Blue is such a versatile colour - it pairs well with a contra...
Nov. 3, 2019
Pink Passion: 10 Dreamy Pink Outfits for Brides!
Every bride loves a good dose of pink in their wedding trousseau - even the bride who says she hates the colour! Pink is such a versatile colour because it can be paired well with any other colour ...
Oct. 2, 2019
Navratri #Day7 - Grey Outfit Inspiration for Brides & Bridesmaids
Grey is an unconventional and unique colour in a bride’s trousseau. Often brides shy away from donning a grey ensemble. Ladies, you don’t realise the beauty of this versatile colour! You can match ...
Sept. 26, 2019

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