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Photography For You

7 Wedding Photography Ideas  for Grooms!
All our life is a memory, isn’t it? Right from learning things as kids to becoming adults, we are all filled with memories. For the ones that we want to capture, we use photographs!  We al...
May 31, 2020
10 Props to use to get Clicked With Your Bride Squad
Your girl squad is your right hand throughout the wedding. From checking the wedding arrangements to help you keep your calm they are your go-to for everything.  As you step into the new phase ...
May 31, 2020
4 Major Things to Consider when Hiring a Wedding Photographer
Cover Image Source: Reminiscence Photography Getting married? Congratulations! As you start planning your wedding and noting down things of importance, remember that you need to finali...
April 17, 2020
9 Wedding Photography Essentials you Need to Keep in Mind as a Couple
When you say wedding, we say photography. Wedding and photography are a pair in itself because of the importance given to the occasion that should be captured from every angle. A wedding is an ove...
Feb. 20, 2020
#CutenessAlert 7 Brides with Furry Babies
A dog is a man’s best friend, they say. I beg to differ! A dog is more than a man or woman’s best friend! They are angels in furry skins with cutesie eyes that speak a thousand words. Yes, it is t...
Dec. 30, 2019
7 Most Beautiful Candid Wedding Images
The trend of capturing truly candid moments is spreading like wildfire! There is no posing, no fake laughter, just true love, and genuine feelings.  Earlier, couples wanted formal, typical we...
Dec. 17, 2019
Ayushi and Ankit's Breathtaking Pre-Wedding Shoot at Amalfi Coast
Just a few weeks ago I was complaining about pre-wedding shoots and how I am bored of seeing the same thing every other day. I am sure the Internet heard me, cause a very cute pre-wedding shoot vi...
Dec. 7, 2019
Unique and Fresh Pre-Wedding Shoot Ideas
Cover Picture Source: Pixelworks Photography Right from the time, you know that “he is the one!” You’ve already boarded the roller-coaster ride. Though every function is close to the bride’s heart ...
Feb. 5, 2018
10 Things You Should Learn To Cook Before Getting Married!
After your honeymoon phase of travelling to picturesque locations, endless shopping spree, trying out new cuisines and lots of drinking you finally come back to reality and start your new life with...
Nov. 10, 2017
10 Black and White Bridal Photos That Prove There’s Magic In Monochrome
“When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and White, you photograph their souls.” - Ted Grant Well, he certainly has it right. Whi...
Sept. 30, 2017
3 Simple Hacks For a Kick-Ass Pre-Wedding Shoot - From One Of Mumbai’s Top Photographers!
Are you sick of looking at pre-wedding shoots that are oh-so-cliche? We feel you! But guess what - we’ve got your fix. With wedding season coming up, tons of couples out there are looking for the p...
Aug. 1, 2017
Drone Photography – Your Wedding Photographer Needs To Click These!
What is drone photography? Drone photography is the capture of still images and video by a remotely-operated, unmanned aerial vehicle, also known as an unmanned aircraft system or more commonly, a...
July 24, 2017

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