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12 Different Ways to Celebrate a Wedding Rehearsal
Rehearsal dinners will always be a way of bringing together the couple's close friends and family on the day before the wedding. With a limited guest list and planning your wedding, here are a few...
Jan. 13, 2020
9 Things a Bride Must Have in her Beauty Kit
The time is here - to have glowing skin and look your best at all times. If you’re a bride-to-be, we’re sure you must have experienced people giving you skin advice, hair care tips, makeup tips an...
Dec. 27, 2019
5 Tips for Singles Attending an Indian Wedding
A wedding can be a difficult occasion for a single. Watching someone settle down while you are still trying to figure out what to eat for lunch - ugh. But don’t worry for there is no need to thro...
Dec. 20, 2019
5 Smart Gifts to Give a Couple You Don't Know That Well
Have you been invited to as a +1 to a wedding of a couple you don’t really know that well? You must be wondering what to gift them considering you don’t know much about them. Here are 5 really smar...
Aug. 24, 2019
The Wedding Checklist for the Groom
It’s a given that the to-be-wed couple wants to look at their absolute best on her wedding day. There are enough blogs to help a bride out but not much is available for the grooms. So here are some...
Aug. 9, 2019
10 Unconventional Couple Entry Ideas To Rock At Your Indian Wedding!
It’s your wedding day and you’re looking fresh AF. We know you’re going to be stealing the spotlight anyway, but these dramatic wedding entry ideas, engagement entry ideas for the bride and groom r...
Sept. 22, 2017
Top 10 Romantic Indian Locations To Propose To Her At! #SheWillSayYes
Popping the question isn’t an easy task! What with the planning, the ring shopping, the perfect timing and the channeling of all your courage! Of course, the location is just as important as that ...
Sept. 13, 2017
Legal Licenses And Permissions Required For Your Indian Wedding - The Complete List!
We know wedding planning can be stressful! While you’re so busy selecting that perfect lehenga and choosing the best caterers, some important details may slip your mind - like all the legalities! ...
Sept. 5, 2017
Your Big Fat Mumbai Wedding Now Needs An Approval From The Pollution Board. #IndianWeddingLaws
All wedding venues in Maharashtra need written permission from the state pollution board to burst firecrackers, play blaring music or be loud in any other way. Basically, you need authorized appro...
Aug. 16, 2017
12 Indian Wedding Superstitions That We Need To Get Over Asap!
Dark Mehndi This one’s pretty popular. The darker your wedding mehndi is, the more your husband will love you. In my opinion, your husband gotta love you 100% whether your mehndi is dark, light or...
July 31, 2017
5 Fabrics That Are Perfect For The Monsoon Wedding Season! (And Some That Are Not)
Chiffon / Georgette Super-light and easy to carry! These 2 fabrics dry up very fast. Well, they don’t retain moisture in the first place so they would be good options for the monsoons. And they lo...
July 5, 2017
How To Choose The Right Lehenga Colour For Your Skin Tone? #ThatPerfectLehengaColour
That standard red wedding lehenga is a thing of the past. When you have so many more options nowadays, how are you going to select the right coloured lehenga for your skin tone? Now of course, you...
July 4, 2017

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