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Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2020

Image Courtesy: Vivek Krishnan
Still believe in the old ways of finding the best marriage dates? Well, we don’t suggest otherwise but a little help surely doesn’t harm!
We are here with the list of Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2020!
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Tamil Muhurat Dates January 2020
20th January, Monday
27th January, Monday
30th January, Thursday
Tamil Muhurat Dates February 2020
5th February, Wednesday
7th February, Friday
12th February, Wednesday
14th February, Friday
20th February, Thursday
21st February, Friday
26th February, Wednesday
Tamil Muhurat Dates March 2020
5th March, Thursday
6th March, Friday
12th March, Thursday
13th March, Friday
22nd March, Sunday
30th March, Monday
Tamil Muhurat Dates April 2020
9th April, Thursday
17th April, Friday
26th April, Sunday
27th April, Monday
29th April, Wednesday
Tamil Muhurat Dates May 2020
4th May, Monday
6th May, Wednesday
13th May, Wednesday
18th May, Monday
24th May, Sunday
27th May, Wednesday
28th May, Thursday
Tamil Muhurat Dates June 2020
1st June, Monday
3rd June, Wednesday
7th June, Sunday
10th June, Wednesday
11th June, Thursday
12th June, Friday
24th June, Wednesday
Tamil Muhurat Dates July 2020
2nd July, Thursday
12th July, Sunday
Tamil Muhurat Dates August 2020
21st August, Friday
23rd August, Sunday
24th August, Monday
28th August, Friday
30th August, Sunday
31st August, Monday
Tamil Muhurat Dates September 2020
4th September, Friday
14th September, Monday
16th September, Wednesday
Tamil Muhurat Dates October 2020
18th October, Sunday
26th October, Monday
29th October, Thursday
Tamil Muhurat Dates November 2020
4th November, Wednesday
6th November, Friday
11th November, Wednesday
12th November, Thursday
13th November, Friday
20th November, Friday
26th November, Thursday
27th November, Friday
Tamil Muhurat Dates December 2020
4th December, Friday
10th December, Thursday
11th December, Friday

Known for their simplicity, Tamilians do not believe in BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDINGS like the Punjabis or other Northern Communities. They are rich in culture and the richness oozes out in their special occasions, like weddings. Marriage Muhurtham Dates are very crucial for them just like the way it is for various other communities. So, here we are to fast forward your wedding planning and choose the dates from the Tamil Calendar of 2020 wedding dates. These Muhuratham are also called the Suba Muhurtham dates for marriage. 

What are Suba Muhurat Dates?

Suba Muhurat Dates are decided by considering various factors. The birth chart or janam kundali of the bride and the groom, the Tamil Wedding calendar is used primarily in calculating the lucky Tamil wedding dates.

How important is a Suba Muhurat Date?

Marriage is a very large step in the life of an individual. To ensure prosperity and happiness in this new journey that a couple along with the families step in, it is important to have a green signal from the universe. Though we strongly recommend the consultation of an astrologer, the data on Tamil Muhurat Dates, provided above is surely the thing that you would want to take a look at! 

Choosing the right Marriage Date

Finding the right match and deciding to finally getting married is itself a tedious task, find the right marriage date, additionally, can be an add on to your complications. This data on Tamil Marriage Dates here will surely be an added advantage and a convenient option that will make you strong and confident in your decision.

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