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TBT to 10 Magical Monsoon Photo Shoots we Saw in Recent Times!

TBT to 10 Magical Monsoon Photo Shoots we Saw in Recent Times!

Monsoons are deeply personal and subjective. Those who love it, celebrate it with classic songs, dreamy drives, hot chocolate or heartwarming crunchies, a good read by the window or just being happily drenched! Others prefer curling up in bed and can’t wait to run in the sun. No matter the choice, one thing is for sure, monsoons ignite a range of emotions or feelings in a person. One such timeless and unwavering emotion is that of love! Monsoon and love (modern-day romance too) are a dream team popularized and immortalized by art. Such is the impact, that the urge to create magical monsoon memories found its way in the beating hearts of romantic couples. 

Here are 10 such lovers who went all out there to marry their love for monsoon with the rosy idea of shooting their pre-wedding frames. The results are ten stunning images for you to savour with a smile 🙂 

1. A dreamy night, your beloved by your side and showers of blessings from the sky…this is sheer beauty framed!

Image Source Swapna Mallapur Photography

2. When an abandoned fort turns into your shooting sight, the rain gods do the needful and give you the most timeless memories! 

Image Source Mjay Photography

3. Capturing that perfect portrait just before the dance of the clouds make way for a downpour!

Image Source Anupa Shah Photography

4. Happily candid or candidly happy? Works both ways in this magical frame 🙂

Image Source Ramit Batra Photography

5. A composition straight out from a dream, these generous droplets breathe life into this image!

Image Source Vipin Photography

6. The innocence and charm of this frame grows on you. What’s a fun shoot without playful banters and syncing your souls to soothing rain patters!

Image Source Studio 31 Photography

7. This image is a reflection of those hopeful, aspirational and joyous eyes. This couple’s sweet smile only makes things better in here.

Image Source Deepak Vijay Photography

8. A stunning visual treat, this lovely frame is for keeps! We love how the expressions are captured with splendid showers in the foreground only amplifying the magic.

Image Source Mystic Studios

9. We like how this duo have chosen to hold no bars, nor clothes and make-up inhibitions and have just gone all out there! The result is a momentous happy frame for all to see and swoon.

Image Source Wedding Bells Photography

10. Recreating iconic imagery from celluloid just never fails. This much in love couple’s version is utterly stunning! 

Image Source Mjay Photography

We hope these images lit up your heart as much as it did ours putting this together 🙂 Here’s wishing you a memorable monsoon!

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