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The 3 Must-Have Things in a Bride’s Checklist

Checklists are a saviour during a wedding. They help you keep a track of all that you need, all that you’ve done and the pending tasks.

A checklist can make a bride’s life so much easier when she’s planning her wedding. From her outfit details to her decor, she can plan everything easily.

Today, we’re specifically talking about a bride’s Lehenga checklist. Check out below all the things you’ll need in this checklist and make sure to update yours:

1. Outfits

One week prior
A. Make sure you have a lehenga bag. If you weren’t provided with one, a coat cover would work too.
B. Check the fitting of your blouse/choli with the right lingerie and jewellery.
C. Check every hook and zip of all your wedding outfits.

One day before
A. Take out your lehenga and straighten out any creases.
B. Get all your outfits ironed.
C. Keep an emergency sewing kit ready.

The wedding day
A. Wear a front open top while getting ready.
B. Fluff up your can can.
C. Check your outfits for any last-minute damages
D. Get your outfits ironed again, if needed.

Image source: Wedding Nama

2. Jewellery

A. Get your jewellery polished from a professional.
B. Try your bridal jewellery for a couple of hours and take note if they’re heavy or not.
C. Sort out your jewellery for each function.
D. Keep a clear nailpolish for last minute jewellery fixes.
E. Make sure you have your hairstyle planned according to your maangtikka. 

Image source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

3. Shoes

A. Wear your shoes/sandals for a while so that you loosen them a bit and don’t get shoe bites.
B. Just like your jewellery, sort out your shoes according to each function.
C. Carry comfortable back-up options for your footwear.

Image source: Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika

We hope you’ve updated your checklist. Happy wedding!

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