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The 5 Point Programme for your Post-lockdown Wedding Bash

As you eagerly await for this lockdown to end and get your energies in place to prep for that impending wedding, things have considerably changed this time around and hence, you must positively change and contribute too! After all, there can be no negotiations when it comes to health and harmony.

So gear up to do new things and old things differently. To help you with the same, here are 5 essential elements you must incorporate and introduce for your post-lockdown wedding bash. Take a look: 

Size Does Matter!

Image Source Sam and Ekta

As you gear up to look at life differently in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way you ring in your celebrations will also fundamentally change. Hence the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ now will be increasingly replaced with ‘Miya, Biwi, Kazi aur Gine Chune Baraati’. In fact, you must seriously start to consider the prospects of having a micro wedding with limited guests.  Because, let’s face it, after painstakingly bearing a long lockdown, you don’t want to come out to risk your safety and those of your loved ones! Hence, this is a great opportunity for you to alter your mindset, embrace the change and responsibly contribute towards a better and healthier world. The success of every other precautionary measure and norm will majorly depend on the size of your guest list. If you have to begin anywhere, it has to be here. The fewer the merrier should be your motto!

The Only Kind of Alcohol you Need Right Now! 😉

Image Source Vox

Chill, we’re not implying that you need to dampen your spirits in order to be safe! You just need to heavily focus on including alcohol-based sanitizers as a key element for your bid-day! This one is unmissable and well, very economical too. So you have no excuses to not have these placed on your venue entrances, all seating tables, all bars (food, alcohol, dessert, candy etc), photo booth, stage and restrooms! Just ensuring adequate hand sanitizers in every corner of your venue will surely make a huge impact. 

The Disposable/Sustainable Crockery Code!

Image Source Webstaurant Store

Now’s a great time to take the idea of ‘sustainable weddings’ seriously. From cleverly  including sustainable or biodegradable elements as part of your decor theme, you can step up your game and set an example by opting for disposable crockery and cutlery. From bamboo made ones to banana leaves (which is still a hit in some parts of the country), it only makes sense to do away with expensive ceramics and stainless steel based ones as you directly eliminate the possibility of water and labour (two points of contacts that can compromise safety in a mass gathering like a wedding) You simply, eat, dispose and sanitize your hands, simple as that! Opting for these can also lead to effective waste management. And don’t you worry about the aesthetic value being compromised as there are plenty of options available in the market, both- beautiful and sustainable at the same time!

Goodbye Long Queues!

Image Source District Weddings

While we understand practicing social distancing at a social event could be a challenge and self-discipline is the only solution, you could actually make things much easier by just thinking out of the box! In this case, out of the line. Be it the buffet queue or the unending line guests spend their time in for greeting and gifting you, should be totally done away with! Considering you have taken our first measure of keeping the guest list tight, seriously, coming up with innovative ways to ditch the queue will be fairly possible. You could have the guests served food at their table by the catering staff instead of queuing up for the buffet. This is also known as the ‘family-style table setting’ You can also keep a colour code or a chit (which you can allot at the entrance after folks have sanitized their hands) where those with a particular colour can wish you before the meals and the others post meals. Put on a smile, request and relax, your folks will understand 🙂

Yeh MASK ka Maamla Hain!

Image Source Eventdor

The mask will now occupy an important place in your trousseau and prep more than ever before. You can hence turn mask-wearing into a fun and light-hearted activity without underplaying the importance of it. All we’re saying, treat it in a nice, healthy manner, even creative if you like, rather than literally rubbing it on your guests. You could have ‘bride’ and ‘groom’, ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’  or also a boho themed mask bash! Put on your thinking caps and let the crisis bring out the creativity!

So folks, all in all, we hope you are now better prepared and aware to organize a fun yet responsible wedding. Bookmark this piece and keep it handy. And don’t forget that you can convert crises into opportunities. Good luck with that!

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