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The Best Wedding Halls in Peera Garhi, Delhi for Truly Extravagant Weddings

Every city has a character and perhaps ‘extravagancy’ is the one outsiders associate with Delhi and its denizens. So if you are a Roman in Rome, and accordingly are looking out for the best wedding halls in Peera Garhi, Delhi then this is the perfect page for you. Keeping the above facts in mind, your upcoming wedding has to be lavish, a royal affair! The venue is the base on which the entire pyramid of marriage celebration builds itself. So, to ensure that you have a firm and fabulous foundation for your festivities, here are the best wedding halls in Peera Garhi, Delhi for you to pay attention and pick.

Lavanya Dreams Banquet, Peeragarhi, Delhi

Lavanya Dreams Banquet is a dream venue to celebrate your nuptial ceremonies. This lavish banquet place jaywalks into this list of top wedding halls in Peera Garhi, Delhi. As your guests walk in they would be mesmerized by the surrounding decor and illumination. The pièce de résistance, however, would be the magnificently crafted ceiling. Blazing with chandeliers aplenty, it would grab all the eyeballs. The pillarless banquet halls and the extraordinary terrace space would easily accommodate all of your kins. Along with banqueting, its bouquet of services includes catering and decoration too. Draped in vibrant colors, this venue is the very place for a timeless marriage celebration.  

Lavanya Dreams Banquet, Peeragarhi, Delhi
Address: Lavanya Dreams Banquet, Udyog Nagar, D-13, Rohtak Road, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110087
Key Features:
Pillarless banquet halls and the extraordinary terrace space
In-house catering and decoration
Magnificently crafted ceiling

Symphony Banquet, Peeragarhi, Delhi

Managed by professionals, Symphony Banquet is one of the best marriage halls in Peera Garhi. So you can be confident that meticulous planning and execution would be untaken to ensure that your events flow flawlessly. In sync, with its name, it would create the perfect symphony for the saga of your wedding ceremony. It possesses several opulent banquet halls to let you welcome your guests. The prime spot, however, would be the lounge which lets you have a breathtaking view of the city across the transparent glass border. With state of the amenities and all hands on the deck, it would ensure a spectacular celebration on your big day.

Symphony Banquet, Peeragarhi, Delhi
Address: Symphony Banquet, D – 11, Rohtak Road, Peera Garhi, Udyog Nagar, Mangolpuri S Block, Delhi, 110041
Key Features:
Several opulent banquet halls
Splendid and spotless
Gleaming illumination

Euphoria Banquet, Peeragarhi, Delhi

Euphoria Banquet, in accordance with its name, is the place for euphoric marriage celebrations. This popular banquet hall in Delhi would befuddle your guests with its astounding neo-classical architecture, furnishings fashioning Victorian-era vogue, and regal decor. The hero of the day would still be the alluring illumination originating from the many chandeliers and pendant lightings suspended from the magnificent ceiling. Plush seating arrangements and prime amenities are the additional pluses which you can take as a guarantee at this opulent place. Your guests would be served pure vegetarian viands accompanied by the choicest of wines.

Euphoria Banquet, Peeragarhi, Delhi
Address: Euphoria Banquet, F-3 Udyog Nagar Industrial Area Peeragarhi Opposite Metro Pillar No 310, Udyog Nagar, Mangolpuri, Delhi 110041
Key Features:
Furnishings fashioning Victorian-era vogue
Serves pure vegetarian viands
Palatial banquet hall

Le Grand Banquet, Peeragarhi, Delhi

Le Grand Banquet in accordance with its name is the place to celebrate your big day with grandeur. This tale of two storeys is considered amongst the best wedding halls in Delhi, it is simply too splendid to ignore. The first thing you would note as you walk into its premises, it that it is not a stereotypical banquet hall. It has various types of lighting to lit your celebrations, including comely chandeliers, pendants, exposed bulbs, cove, and recessed lighting, etc. Plush jutted out seats and sofas await to welcome your guests. The color scheme is vibrant to state the least and the venue would be further embellished with floral decor.

Address: Le Grand Banquet, Near Peera Garhi Metro Station, Peera Garhi, Udyog Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110087
Key Features:
Enchanting illumination with several types of lighting fixtures
Multiple opulent banquet halls
Floral and colorful decor

Landmarx Banquet, Peeragarhi, Delhi

Landmarx Banquet, a top marriage hall in Delhi is on a mission to set a new benchmark in terms of lavishness. It has several opulent banquet halls to let you play host to your guests. Embellished with chandeliers and recessed lighting aplenty, it would enchant your guests. Add to that the artistic designs and paintings, astounding architecture, brilliant color scheme; floral and regal decor, you get it, it is a picture-perfect venue tailored to make your marriage ceremonies memorable. Prime hospitality and state of the art amenities act as the insurance coverage to ensure that there is no hindrance in the smooth functioning of your functions.

Landmarx Banquet, Peeragarhi, Delhi
Address: Landmarx Banquet, F-18/1, Udyog Nagar, MGF Toyota, Peera Garhi, Delhi – 110087
Key Features:
Astounding architecture plus artistic designs and paintings
Open catering and decoration
Brilliant color scheme

Do you agree with the compiled catalog of best wedding halls in Peera Garhi, Delhi above? Whether your answer is affirmative or negative, the reasons would be appreciated. Do mention the banquets of your choices, which you think should have graced this exclusive list in the first place. Your opinion would be valued.

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