The coolest Photobooth Ideas For Your 2018 Mehndi!

The coolest Photobooth Ideas For Your 2018 Mehndi!

A photobooth at your mehndi is definitely a fun way of breaking the ice. A creative backdrop with some really cool signages and quirky props is all it takes to get your friends & family mingle & have a great time in front of the camera.


The photos taken at the photobooth are the most awaited ones as most guests get their A-Game on while posing at the photobooth. So whether you are getting the photobooth set up by your decor team or DIY-ing it yourself, here are 20+ really creative & unique photobooth ideas to inspire you. Get scrolling!


1. The Instagrammable photo booth:


Image Source – Shades Photography



Image Source – Shades


2. The genda-chashma photobooth:


Image Source – Vipin Photography


Image Source – Dipak Studios


3. The vibrant props photobooth:




4. The wedding card inspired photobooth:



The wedding card:



5. The multi dimensional photobooth:



6. For they decided on forever photobooth:


7. The fairy lights photo booth:



Decor – Devika Narain

8. The quirky signages photobooth:

Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik


9. The photobooth with a hot air balloon:



Image Source – Shutter Down


10. A walk down the memory lane photobooth:


Image Source – Morvi Images


11. The painted bottles photobooth:



12. The Paris meets Old-Bombay photobooth:




13. The living room in the middle of nowhere photobooth:



Decor – With Love Nilma


14. The decorated rickshaw photobooth:

Decor – Devika Narain


Image Source – Shutter Down


15. The cycle photobooth:




Image Source – Shutter Down


16. The photobooth with the couple’s favorite quotes:


Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik

Decor – Devika Narain



Image Source – Shades Photography


17. The photobooth with hanging frames:


Image Source – Dot Dusk Photography


Image Source – Through the Barrel



18. The tasseled photobooth:




19. The photobooth with a lot of colourful umbrellas:



20. The photobooth with a SWAG(literally):



Image Source – Dream Diaries


21. The Lotus themed photobooth:


Decor – Devika Narain


With our list of fun, quirky and eye-catching photobooth ideas coming to an end, we hope you have enough inspiration to put your own spin on things!

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