The First Indian couple's Fairy Tale Wedding at Disneyland is literally breathtaking!

The First Indian couple's Fairy Tale Wedding at Disneyland is literally breathtaking!


Mickey Mouse with his friends Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Pluto would often make appearances on our television sets. A few years later the bedtime stories we read about the prince and princes came alive in the form of movies. My oh my, the Disney Princess left everyone spellbound! Whether it was their elaborate wedding, splendid tiaras and gowns or the Prince Charming itself, everyone I knew wanted to be a disney princess.


The happiest place in the world, Disneyland also became the venue for an Indian couple’s happiest day. First ever Indians to get married so royally, Jennie Jethwani and Roshan Nainani have broken the internet! Within three months Mpire Events and Disney’s Fairytale Wedding Planning team conspired the most beautiful wedding Jennie and Roshan could ask for!

Kudos to That First Moment for capturing the essence of Disney’s magic and the couple’s love!

Be ready to sigh after every picture as you scroll down to see the magical journey!


Behold the magical location, the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland!




Jennie and Roshan’s sangeet celebration had Mickey and Minnie covering their eyes!



An ornate mandap with lush floral accents following the pastel pink and Cinderella blue theme



The bride and the groom look so in love as they pose beneath a floral wreath!



Love the couple’s colour coordinated outfits which looks stunning against the  backdrop!



The decor, the venue, the couple each and everything makes you feel the love in the air!




A pumpkin carriage for the Prince and Princess, please!




And they lived happily ever after!



Sigh! I am going to the meadows with a basket of fruits in hopes of crashing with my prince charming and him carrying me in his arms cause I sprained my nazuk ankle. See you at my royal wedding!

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