The fun modern-age 7 vachhan to take for a stronger and more stable forever!

The fun modern-age 7 vachhan to take for a stronger and more stable forever!

Everyone knows the importance of the saat vachan in Hindu marriage rituals. A wedding is deemed complete only after the saat pheras and saat vachan take place. These promises are super important but we’ve got seven more vachans you should make to your significant other to strengthen the relationship and to make it more fun. Scroll down to know more!

Promise 1:

Groom: I promise to cook on alternate days.

Bride: I promise not to nag you when you do so.

Promise 2

Groom: I’ll patiently wait while you are shopping and not ask you to drop it!

Bride:   I won’t take long and try only a handful of clothes instead of 100!

Promise 3

Groom: I’ll listen to all your stories even if it is for the 85241556th time!

Bride: I’ll not disturb you during the match days, but can’t promise to support the same team!

Promise 4

Groom: I’ll share my food with you without complaining..

Bride: I’ll not eat your fries after I’ve asked you not to order for me!


Promise 5

Groom: I will not hesitate to ask people for directions and not act as if I know the way around.

Bride: I won’t say “I told you so” every time I am proved right.

Promise 6

Groom: I swear I’ll never leave the used towel on the bed and always keep the house clean.

Bride: I’ll try not to throw the towel on your face if you leave it on the bed!

Promise 7

Groom: You are now subscribed to a lifetime supplies of cuddles and pillow fights!

Bride: Back rubs and head massages aplenty for you!

It is never too late to renew your vows! Go to your bae and make these important promises and trust us, they’ll fall for you harder!

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