The Maeva Store- Your Best Bet for Wedding Favours!

The Maeva Store- Your Best Bet for Wedding Favours!

The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor once said, The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart…and hopefully, someone else’s” and I can’t help but agree with her. A fragrance has the power to evoke memories of the past, relive them and cherish them all over again. A vanilla bean lotion will remind you of your warm and cosy childhood home and each time you pass the bakery, the glorious afternoons that you spent in the shade of the citrus tree in your grandmother’s backyard will come back to you.


After a long day of work, you’ll often find me curled up in a corner listening to Kishore Kumar, basking in the glow of my favourite candle. I have a variety of them but when I am tired, I prefer to light up a woody vanilla candle for it instantly lifts my mood. There are few people who believe me when I say candles can change everything and one of them is Ms Raina Singhwi. She is the founder of the Maeva Store, a luxury fragrance and premium gifting brand. “We realized that fragrances have the power to trigger emotions. The Maeva Story began with the drive to produce thoughtful and personal gifts that can emotionally motivate people to not only experience but also spread a sense of joy, love, and peace” says Singhvi, when asked about the philosophy behind Maeva.


They have a range of products that double as great gifts! And today, giving out wedding favours have become mandatory at weddings. So what is stopping you from adding a touch of Maeva to your gift basket? Here’s what you can add to the goody basket:


1. Candles




Maeva is known for their candles. They have almost every fragrance in cute bottles. They even customise the labels on bulk orders!


2. Floral Accessories




Maeva has a range of floral accessories flaunt. Their floral array includes photo frames, home decor, hair accessories, stationery, succulents and much more. They also make  long-lasting dried floral arrangements that are handcrafted by their talented women workforce.


3. Mood Elevators




Everyone needs a mood elevator in life- when your favourite sitcom doesn’t work, these babies will! The essential oils, diffusers, wax sachets and incense sticks will lift your mood up instantly!


4. Floral Jewellery



Maeva has introduced their floral jewellery and they are super pretty! They are perfect for both brides and bridesmaids. They come in floral boxes, wrapped inside a jute bag.


5. Envelopes



The boring envelopes have received a floral makeover and I am loving it! These embellished envelopes are meant for shagun!


Isn’t Maeva Store the perfect solution to your gifting woes?

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