The most Stunning & Beautiful Jaimalas we spotted at Real Weddings!

The most Stunning & Beautiful Jaimalas we spotted at Real Weddings!

The varmala or jaimala is one of the most important rituals of a traditional desi shaadi! This floral garland exchange symbolises the first step which a couple takes before taking their wedding vows!  

Being one of those most fun-filled and exciting event, it is one of the heavily photographed part of the wedding! So, picking the perfect jaimala is really essential. After all, it’s the whole essence of the ritual right?



With the large variety of garlands available in the market nowadays, it might get a little tricky to pick the perfect one. So, to make your work easier, we have picked some really stunning varmalas, for you to select from:

1. The one with alternate white and blush pink roses:



Image Source – Ivy Weddings


….and carnations:


Image Source – The Wedding Documentary


2. The red-rose extravaganza:


Image Source – Creative Lens


3. With just white roses:


Image Source – Dipak Studios


4. With pink and white flowers from Thailand:


Image Source – Weddingnama


5. The big fat pink and white roses-in-bunch jaimalas:


Image Source – The Wedding Story


6. The peach carnations jaimala:


Image Source – Picture Art Company


7. The peach coloured beaded jaimala :


Image Source – Stories By Joseph Radhik


8. With pastel pink and orange roses:



Image Source – Stories By Joseph Radhik


9. Pink roses with filler flowers arranged intricately:



Image Source – Shades


10. An alternate red and white varmala:


Image Source – The Cheesecake Project


Image Source –  Wedding Namma


11. A beautiful pink and white carnation jaimala:


Image Source –  Wedding Namma


….and just with pink carnations:


Image Source – Art Foto Studios


12. The genda phool varmala:



Image Source – Pinterest

13. One for the minimalist couple:


Image Source – Jodi Clickers


14. The one with white and blue flowers:


Image Source – The Wow Wedding Photography


So by now, you would have probably made pointers as to what kind of jaimal you’d want for your wedding.

Just a suggestion –  have a word with your wedding planner or florist to make sure that your shortlisted flowers would be available at the time of your wedding.

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