The most stunning Kalire designs we spotted on real brides!

The most stunning Kalire designs we spotted on real brides!

If you are a Punjabi bride, you know the importance of the Chooda and Kalire. After all, it’s considered to bring good luck to the bride’s life ahead! They were originally made of dry coconut. With time, just like every other piece of bridal jewellery, even Kalires started getting modernized.


There are a variety of kalire designs, styles and colors for the brides to match them with their bridal ensemble. If you are confused  with all the kalire designs out there, then fret not, I’ve got your back.


Here’s bringing to you, some really gorgeous kalires for you to take inspiration from.


The traditional kalire:


The white rose floral kaleere:



Image Source - Ivy Weddings


The white roses and mogra kalire:


The mini kalire:




The combination golden and floral kalire:


Image Source - Prune


The single strand kaleera:



Pastel kaleere:


Image Source - Colorblind Photography


Kalire with shells:


Image - Photoz Apki


Emerald Kalire:


Image Source - Morvi Images


Kundan Kaleere:


Image Source - James Thomas Photography


Silver kaleere:



The peacock kalire:



With pompoms kalire :


Matching kalire:


Image Source - Divisth Kakar



And this is when the brides took their love of Kalire to almost another level - Kalire ki chadar:  


Image Source - Pinterest if not specified.

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